Theme rooms are FUN.
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Making theme rooms are always an enjoyable process, and this site will focus on kids and babies room decor ideas.

While there are many areas in the house that can be decorated using themes, the most common ones are kids and nursery rooms.

Why? Because for kids there are so many colors and themes and characters that we can use! Adults or family rooms are commonly more classical or elegant which makes the theme selection a lot more limited.

And theme decorating are NOT always expensive, it actually can go with any budget. Of course, higher budget opens more options, but even with a low budget we can still at least play with colors or make our own patterns that suits the theme itself.

The best fun of all? Parents will certainly enjoy the process and kids will be very happy with the result.

Ready to get started?

Go on, have some FUN!! :)

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Boys Theme Rooms
Don't start doing your boys room decor until you read these FUN boys theme room ideas! :)

Girl Theme Rooms
Thinking about girls theme rooms are FUN, there are so many colors and characters to choose from! Get great ideas to create the perfect bedroom for her right here.

Painting Tips
Ready to paint? Wait... Read these painting tips first before you start!

Fun Bedroom Decorating Tips
Here we have some Fun and easy to follow decorating tips to help you create great themed bedrooms.

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Disney Princess Room
Thinking about Snow White, Ariel, or Cinderella for your Girl's Disney Princess Room? Or maybe it's Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, or Belle that crosses your mind right now?
No matter which one you choose, have FUN using These Ideas...

Barbie Bedroom Ideas
Girls fantasize having their bedroom designed like a giant Barbie Doll House, so here are some ideas to bring that fantasy into reality!

Ballerina Bedroom Ideas
Girlie ballerina room decor is always Mom's favorite! Here are some ideas to make it even more FUN!

Fun, Sweet, Charming, and Girlie Fairy Bedroom Decor Ideas
Something magical is in the air... It's the Fairy Bedroom Decor for your girl! Find out great ideas here!

Butterfly Bedroom
Butterflies are so colorful, and that give us unlimited option of colors to create a Butterfly bedroom. Any color is good, even colors you've never seen on real butterflies! :)

Princess Bedroom Decor
It's time to fulfill your girl's imagination of becoming a true princess in her own room!

Feel Life as Spidey in This Spiderman Bedroom!
Play with Spiderman's Blue, Red, and Black colors to create your own unique Spiderman bedroom using these ideas...

Beach Theme Bedroom
Bright aura of the beach can be relaxing. Even adults LOVE it! So there's a great chance that your kids will keep enjoying this room as they grow up.

Nautical Room Ideas
Find out great natural and fresh ideas for a nautical room right here.

Hawaiian Bedroom Decor
Feel the summer all year round by creating a Hawaiian bedroom for your kids!

Tropical Bedroom Ideas
This tropical bedroom will keep your kids warm at any season, no matter how freezing it is out there... :)

Fun Western Cowboy Decor
Get great ideas to make FUN western cowboy theme rooms for Girls or Boys (or both) right here...

Horse Bedroom Decor
Does your kid love horses? Maybe even competing in horse shows? If the answer is Yes, then this will be a great theme for your kid's bedroom.

Fun Safari Bedroom
For this safari room we're going to use colors of nature and we'll add animal prints, wild animals, and other objects of nature as accent. It'll be FUN!

Outer Space Bedroom Ideas
Kids are full of imagination and that's why they LOVE Outer Space Bedroom. Here you can find FUN ideas to make a terrific one.

Fun Baseball Room Ideas
Baseball bedroom is a great choice for boy's room, it's a very popular sport and boys just LOVE it!

Basketball Bedroom Ideas
Basketball is also a very popular sport and most boys will love basketball as they grow up, so it's a safe choice. Find great ideas to create a Fun basketball bedroom here.

Sports Bedroom Decor Ideas
Many boys love to play and watch various sports, so why limit it to one certain sport? Here are some fun ideas for a general sports bedroom.

Race Car Bedroom Decor
Young boys to adult men LOVE to watch car race, that's why race car bedroom is a great choice for boys of any age. This bedroom can last long enough until your boy's teen years.

Fun Construction Theme Bedroom
Construction is one of the most favorite themes for boys. Find some fun ideas to create a cool construction bedroom right here...

Fun Pirate Room Decor Ideas
Ahoy, Matey! Looking for some ideas to make a Pirate room? This is the right spot!

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