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Barbie Bedroom Ideas?

Most girls love to have Barbie as a bedroom theme, they fantasize having their bedroom designed like a giant Barbie doll house! So if your girl is a Barbie fan then you're about to make her thrilled by picking this theme.

Barbie is a girlie theme, so we're going to use girlie colors and accessories for this room. The most common colors used in Barbie's doll house are pink, purple, and white, so we're going to decor this bedroom around those colors.

First of all, the walls.

Measure up to around 1.1 meters from the floor and make a wall border along this Barbie bedroom walls. Paint lower area of the wall White, and paint the upper Soft Pink or Purple. Remember to do a proper interior painting preparation before you start painting to get the best result. Look for Barbie wallpaper border and use it to cover the border line after the paint dries.

Doesn't feel like painting? You can also use Barbie wallpaper to cover this bedroom's walls. Or if you can't find the right one then any girlie wallpaper will do, for example you can pick Pink or Purple wallpaper with small flower prints on it, or Pink and White vertical striped wallpaper. Just remember to keep it simple and girlie.

Barbie stick-up murals and wall decals also make a nice alternative. They're beutiful, not expensive, easy to apply, and doesn't waste much of your precious time.

After finishing the walls it's time to fill this Barbie bedroom with furniture. You can look for Barbie bed, Barbie cabinet, Barbie table, and many other Barbie furniture for this room.

Other option is to use non-Barbie furniture with soft pastel colors. If you choose to do this don't forget to pick furniture with colors that match this theme room's wall.

For example you can combine White furniture with Pink or Purple ones. It doesn't have to be plain, you can look for ones with flower paints or ones with colorful circles. Just remember that the key is to keep it simple but girlie.

Dress up the bed with Barbie bedding set. Or if this Barbie room is already filled with many Barbie furniture and items, you can use plain White bed sheet and soft pastel colored comforter with colorful pillows instead to tone down the theme a little bit. Remember that sometimes too much doesn't look good.

Use the same themed print for the curtains. Can't find one? Look for other curtain with colors that match the bedding. You can either use a Barbie themed one or a plain one.

Now that the main needs of this Barbie bedroom have been fulfilled, it's time to add some accessories to it! Here are some fun Barbie bedroom accessories ideas:

  • What can be better accessories for a Barbie room other than Barbie dolls and Barbie doll house itself!

    If the room is big enough, add a display rack to display your girl's entire Barbie dolls collection along with her other dolls.
    Put the Barbie doll house at a corner of the room or at any space available alongside the wall, then put a Barbie rug in front of it so your girl can sit there while playing with her dolls.

  • Every bedroom needs at least one clock, right? So look for a Barbie clock for this theme room. It can be a wall clock or an alarm clock or even both!

  • Take a picture of your girl dressing up like her favorite Barbie doll, frame it and hang it on the wall. You can take this picture of her in her new Barbie bedroom and make it looks like a picture of Barbie in her house, it'll be cool!

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