Baseball Bedroom Theme Ideas

Baseball bedroom theme is a great choice for boys' room. Why? Simply because most boys LOVE baseball!

There are many options to create a baseball themed bedroom. We can make a Team Specific Room such as Yankees Bedroom, Giants Bedroom, etc., or we can make a General one.

No matter which one you choose, don't forget to take the whole family along in the process for some extra FUN!! :)

Here are some ideas to crate a cool baseball bedroom theme.


For a team specific room, pick vertical striped wallpaper with the Team's main colors. For example, pick white based wallpaper with blue stripes for a New York Yankees bedroom theme, or pick one with orange stripes for San Francisco Giants.
Add the Team's Wall Border for accent.

For a general baseball bedroom theme, pick white wallpaper with light brown vertical stripes. Or hunt the stores for baseball themed wallpaper.


Avoid dark colors as the main color, kids' room shouldn't look dark. Also avoid extra bright colors that are not comfortable for the eyes.
White or other soft color is the best choice for the main color.

You can use dark or bright colors for accents as long as it's not too much.

Want to have a unique and personalized baseball bedroom wall? Then forget the wallpaper, let's paint the walls!! :D

  • Measure up to the height of 1 meter and make a pencil line along the walls. Place masking tape right under the line and paint the walls above the tape with white.

  • After the white paint dries, remove the masking tape and place another one on the upper side of the line.
    For a Team Specific Room, paint the lower walls with the team's main color. For a general one, paint it with light brown.
    Let it dry.

  • For a Team Specific Room, paint letter murals that spell the team's name about 3 centimeters above the wall border. Use black or dark version of the team's color. For example, dark orange or black will be great for Giants bedroom.
    Print the letters from your computer's word processor with the height of 5 centimeters to be used as patterns.

    No specific team for this baseball bedroom theme? Just skip this step.

  • Paint medium sized baseball related wall murals to fill the white area of the wall. Browse the internet for pictures of baseball bats, balls, gloves, caps, and team logos to be used as the patterns.
    Remember not to make the walls too crowded though.

Still having trouble painting your own murals or just doesn't have that extra time to do the job? Relax, there are many pre-pasted wall murals and stick-up wall stickers you can use. It will save you lots of time and energy. Or you can hang some baseball themed wall arts.

Here are some examples:


Huge fan of a Team? Then hunt the official merchandise store or hunt online for a Team Specific Baseball Bedding!

This specific MLB Team bedding set can be expensive, so don't forget to set up a budget before shopping and compare fabrics and prices from different stores, online and offline.

Can't find one? Or nothing suits your budget? Don't worry, there are many other Team accessories we can add to the room.

For example, pick plain bedding with colors that suit the room's main color and just add the Team's blanket or pillow shams.

Or pick a general baseball bedding with colors that suit the room's main color. This also applies for a general baseball bedroom theme.


It's a good idea to do a little survey yourself before taking your boy shopping.
This will allow you to take him only to stores that suit your budget and avoid disappointing him for not being able to buy him an over budget baseball bedding he really likes.

If you're planning on shopping online, browse for some bedding sets that suit your budget and let him choose one from the selections.


Kids love to play on the floor, so rug is an important accessory to add to the room.

Creating a Team Specific bedroom? Good News!! There are many stores out there offering Major League Baseball Team Rugs.

Browse online to compare prices, style, and fabrics. Don't forget to pay attention to the size and fabrics, make sure that the size suits the room and the fabrics are safe for children.

For a general baseball bedroom, pick a general baseball rug.

Other Accessories

Here comes the FUN part... Accessories!!! :)

Lots of accessories can be added to the baseball bedroom, here are some ideas for a Team Specific Baseball Bedroom:

  • Hunt for the Team's wall hangings, clock, desk lamp, night light, wastebasket, etc.

  • Put a huge Team poster above the kid's bed.

  • Take a picture of the boy wearing the Team's jersey holding a baseball glove and ball or holding a bat. Frame the photo and hang it on the wall or put it on his studying desk.

  • If you're using plain painted furniture for the room, paint the Team's logo on the table's surface or the closet/wardrobe's doors.

And here are some ideas for a General Baseball Bedroom Theme that can also be added to a team specific one:

  • Hang baseball wall letters that spell your kid's name on the wall.

  • Look for a baseball lamp or night light, put it beside the bed.

  • Add a baseball bean bag chair if there are plenty of empty spaces in the room.

  • Put some baseball throw pillows on the chair or on the bed.

  • Baseball clock makes a great accessory. You can even use it to teach your kid to tell time.

  • Does your boy play? If so, take a picture of him with his complete uniform when he plays, put it in a frame and hang it on the wall.

  • If you're using old furniture for the room, re-paint the furniture with light brown to suit the room's main color. Resize the tables and chairs to suit your boy's size if possible and necessary.

  • Teach your little one to save money by using a baseball bank.


Hunting for room accessories can be a time and money consuming activity. Don't rush to fill up the room.
Spend a couple hours with the family on the weekend to do this and always remember the budget.

Hope the whole family is having some FUN creating the Baseball Bedroom!! :)

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