Love Basketball?
Considering on Creating a Basketball Room?

Why should you choose basketball as a room theme?

Well, first of all, basketball is being recognized as one of the most popular sports in the world. Most boys love this sport so much. They play it, watch the games, collect the cards, jerseys, figures, and other related things. And many of them would really really love to have a basketball room.

Even if your boy is still too young to be asked what his favorite sport is, most boys will love basketball and baseball as they grow up, so it's a safe choice to pick this as his bedroom theme.

Here are some great ideas to create a fun basketball bedroom.

Take your whole family along in this decorating process and have some FUN! :)

Basketball Walls

There are many options for basketball room walls depending on which team is your boy's favorite.

Hunt both offline and online stores for his favorite basketball team themed wallpaper.

Look for general basketball wallpaper if he is too young to pick a favorite team.

Want to have a unique, one of a kind wall? Forget the wallpapers, let's have some FUN painting the walls!

  • First, decide on the wall's background color. For a specific basketball team bedroom pick the boy's favorite team's main color. For a general basketball room decor, use soft blue.


    Remember not to pick any color that's too bright or too dark for the background. Soft colors are best.
    For example, if his favorite team is Sacramento Kings then pick soft purple.

  • Pick two paint colors to be used as the background, a lighter one and a darker one.
    For example, if you've decided to use soft blue then pick a lighter soft blue and a darker one (but not too dark, just slightly darker than the light one).

  • Measure up to the height of 1.2 meters and make a pencil line along the walls. Place masking tape right under the line and paint the walls above the tape with the lighter color. Let it dry.

  • Remove the masking tapes. Now place another masking tape on the upper side of the line, then paint the lower walls with the darker color. Let it dry.

  • Paint letter murals that spell the team's name about 3 centimeters above the wall border.
    Print the letters from your computer's word processor with the height of 5 centimeters to be used as patterns.

    No specific team for this basketball room decor's theme? Just skip this step.

  • Paint medium sized basketball related wall murals to fill the walls such as balls, the team's logo, basketball net, basketball shirt, etc. But remember not to make the walls too crowded.

Basketball Bedding & Furniture

For a specific basketball team themed room, go to the team's official store and look for a bedding set there or hunt online to compare prices and maybe get more choices.

Can't find one? Don't worry, we can add the team's accessories to the room later. Just look for a general basketball bedding with the color that matches the room's main color.

For the furniture, you can find many team-specific chair in stores.

Oh yeah, don't forget to show your kid the bedding set before buying, ask him if he likes it. He's the king of the room, our goal is to make him happy, right? :)


  • Set up a budget before going shopping, an exclusive NBA Team themed bedding can be expensive.
    If it doesn't fit your budget don't force it, we can always add other team related accessories to the room.

  • It's also a good idea to pick some bedding sets that fit the budget yourself before showing it to your kid and let him choose one he likes the most. This will prevent you from buying an over budget basketball bedding.

For a general basketball room decor, you can look for non team-specific basketball bedding. Or you can look for basketball print fabric and make your own matching bedding and curtain.

Then you can add some basketball throw pillows.

For the furniture, you can look for basketball chair or stool. Replacing all the drawer's and cabinet's knobs with basketball drawer pulls is an easy way to convert regular furniture into basketball one.

Basketball Rugs

There are many options of basketball rugs out there to choose from.

Pick classic orange basketball shaped one or pick one with the room theme's team logo.


Shopping online?
Don't forget to pay attention to the size and fabric besides the price. Make sure that the fabrics used are safe for children.

Other Basketball Bedroom Accessories

Many accessories can be added to a basketball room decor, especially if a specific team is used as the theme.

Go to the team's official store to hunt for some room accessories that fit your budget.

Creating a general basketball bedroom? Or the exclusive basketball team accessories are just too expensive? Don't worry, here are some general basketball accessories ideas to fill the room:

  • Does your kid play? If so, take pictures of him playing basketball, then frame it and hang it on the wall. Or frame any of his recent picture with a personalized basketball frame and put it on his desk.

  • Add a basketball sofa to the room.

  • Provide a basketball bank and teach him to save money.

  • Have an old unused table? Re-paint it with the room's main color and paint a basketball in the middle of the table's surface. You can also do this to any table that's already prepared for the room.
    Remember to use non-toxic paints that are safe for children.

  • Hang a basketball clock on the wall or put a basketball alarm clock on this theme room's night stand.

  • Put a mini basketball hoop in this room for your kid to play.

  • Look for a basketball night lamp and put it on the wall near his bed or put a basketball table lamp beside the bed.

  • If your kid loves to watch basketball games and keeping up with the scores of each game, hang a small whiteboard for him to write down the scores.

Now we have a great basketball room...

Hope you and your family have some FUN doing the whole process! :)

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Basketball Room Decorations

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