Live in a Batcave
with These Batman Bedroom Decor Ideas

Batman bedroom is a great theme for your little superhero fan. Bring Batmobile, Batcave, Batsignal, and Gotham City to this theme room to get your kid excited!

Dark blue, black, yellow, and grey are colors associated with this Dark Knight. Experiment with these colors to make your own unique Batman room decor.

Here are some ideas to get you started...

Gotham Night View Wall Decor

What else can be a better idea for the walls other than a night view of Gotham City?

At nights the heroic Dark Knight comes out of his Batcave to fight crime in Gotham.

To create a night view, let's start with the ceiling. Paint the ceiling dark blue, wait until it dries then add lots of silver stars. Adding a large golden moon will also be great. Hot-glue some glow in the dark stars to finish your ceiling.

Now that you've got a great ceiling, let's start working on the walls. Here is an easy to apply idea to paint your own Gotham night view wall mural...

First, use dark grey and black to paint skyscrapers, use white and bright yellow to draw small windows on it.

Then paint all empty upper area dark blue and add some stars like the ceiling. Paint empty lower area light grey to resemble the streets of Gotham.

Paint a large Batsignal somewhere on the sky, pick a spot that's noticeable from anywhere in this Batman bedroom.

If you're confident with your artistic skills, you can also paint a large Batman wall mural complete with his Batmobile. Or you can choose the easier way, buy and install a removable Batman Wall decals or just put an extra large Batman poster above your kid's bed.

Batman Bedding, Curtain, and Furniture

For the furniture, you can look for unfinished furniture and paint it classic brown or dark blue. Then paint large black and yellow batsigns on top of the table and on your kid's wardrobe cabinet doors. Paint small batsigns on the drawer knobs if possible.

Hunt the stores for a nice Batman bedding, also see if you can find same print of Batman curtains to dress up this theme room's windows. Other option for the curtain is dark fabric with star prints on it.

Here is an easy idea to create your own Batman bedding:

First look for plain dark blue or black comforter and pillow shams, or you can get the fabric and make it yourself if you want to. Star prints fabric will also be great for the comforter.

Then get some black and yellow fabric. Use a Batsign pattern to cut the black fabric and cut the yellow fabric in oval shape large enough for the batsign. Then stitch the black Batsign to the center of the yellow oval fabric, finally stitch it to the comforter and pillow shams. Make sure you create a large enough Batsign for the comforter.

Apply your own home-made Batman comforter and pillow shams with yellow bed sheet and you've got a fabulous Batman bedding set!

Other Batman Bedroom Accessories

Detail matters, so don't miss these ideas to accessorize your Batman bedroom:

  • Look for a plain-based table lamp then hot-glue Batman, Robin, and Batmobile action figures on it.

  • A nice Batmobile replica is a great accessory for this room.

  • Get a bright flashlight, cover the lens with transparent yellow plastic, then cut a suitable sized Batsign out of sticker paper then stick it on the flashlight's lens. Your kid can turn off the bedroom lights and turn on this flashlight to make Batsignal, it'll be fun!

  • Does your kid have Batman (or Batgirl) costume or a picture of him/her wearing one? If so, frame the picture and hang it on the wall.

  • Have you ever seen one of those Batman symbol belt buckles? You can attach them to the wall and use them as decoration too!

  • Batman tin plate can also be a great wall accessory.

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