Fun Beach Theme Bedroom Decor Ideas

The bright aura of a beach bedroom decor can be relaxing. Even adults LOVE beach theme bedroom, so there's a great chance that your kids will keep enjoying this theme room as they grow up. That would save you some budget on re-decorating the whole room when your kids enter their teenage years.

Let's start, shall we...

Easiest way to create your beach bedroom wall is to look for peel and stick beach themed wall mural kits available in stores. It's not expensive, easy to apply and will definitely save your time.

You can paint your upper walls Sky Blue, the lower walls White, add Beach Wallpaper Border, then scatter small peel and stick beach murals all over.

Have some extra time? Challenged to create your own hand-painted beach walls? Here's an idea:

First, paint the ceiling with sky blue, leave it to dry. Then use a damp Sponge and white paint to make clouds.

For the walls, use Sea Blue paint and a paint brush to draw horizontal wavy line on the walls at the height of about 0.9 to 1.1 meters from the floor. Imagine the line as sea water reaching the shore. Then paint the upper area of the wall with the same color. Paint the lower area with sandy beige or yellow brown.

If it's too hard to create, other option is to make straight horizontal wall border with the same colors.

While waiting for the paint to dry, browse the internet for beach related pictures to be used as patterns to draw wall murals. You can look for simple pictures of Shells, Surf Board, Star Fish, Dolphins, Boat/Yacht, Beach Umbrella, Coconut Trees, etc.

Make a plan on which pictures you want to paint and where to paint it. Remember not to make the walls too crowded, leave enough free space for the eyes to rest. After the paint dries, you can start painting your beach wall murals.

Ask the whole family for some extra hand, it'll add lots of FUN too!

After finishing the beach theme bedroom walls, use White to paint the window and door frames.

Now it's time to fill up the room with furniture. White furniture suits this beach bedroom perfectly. Pick beach themed furniture or simple minimalist style white furniture for this theme room.

Dress up the bed with blue or sea green beach themed bedding. Or just use plain white bed sheet, blue pillow shams, and then add a beach comforter.

Dress up the windows with blue or white curtains. Or you can look for beach themed fabric and make your own matching bedding and curtain set.

No room is done without accessories, so here are some accessories ideas to finish this beach bedroom decor:

  • Add a colorful beach chair or movie director's chair to the room.

  • Replace the door and drawers' knobs with beach related ones.

  • Look for some beach lamps and let your kid pick one s/he likes.

  • Make a blue and white door hanging that says "Entering [kid's name]'s Private Beach"

  • If you live anywhere near the beach, take some time to collect sea shells. Put sand in a large or medium glass jar and then put the sea shells in.

  • Accessorize photo frames used in this beach room by attaching small shells to it.

  • Does anyone in the house surf? If someone does, then put the surf board on the corner of this theme room.

  • Rug can be a great accessory, look for a beach rug with sea shell prints on it and add it to this beach bedroom.

  • Provide a personalized beach themed growth chart to keep track of your kid's growth.

Pheeewwww, the beach theme bedroom is done! Hope your kid loves it! :)

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