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Boys room decor usually uses characters or styles that reflect the energy of a young boy.

Boys theme room can either use boyish color effects for the walls and furniture or boyish characters such as those related to sports, cars, etc.

Blue is considered mostly as a "BOY Color", but colors like brown, green, yellow, and many others can also be used. The use of colors itself depends on what theme you want to create, do you want to make a color theme room or a character theme room?

Color theme rooms are a bit simpler than character ones, since there's no need to look for certain characters to fill up the room. Any furniture, accessory, or wallpaper is usable as long as it has the color suitable with the theme.

While character theme rooms need more effort to find matching stuffs, yet it is a lot more FUN! The process of hunting for items or exploring our creativity to make not so suitable items to match the theme is an intriguing challenge.

Here are some boys room decor TIPS to either making color theme rooms or character theme rooms:

  • Even though boys are full of energy, it's better to avoid excessive use of energetic colors such as bright red.

  • Use eye-comfortable colors as the dominant colors to make the room a comfort zone for both the boy and the parents. This means it's better to avoid colors that are either too dark or too bright.

    For example, use sea green instead of dark green, or sky blue instead of dark blue. For bright colors like yellow, try not to pick too bright ones and try mixing it with other colors on accents or accessories.

  • Use eye-catching or bright colors such as bright yellow or bright orange as accents or accessories to light up the room. Don't use it too much though.

  • Always make sure that all items used for your boys' room decor are safe for children. Use child proofing if necessary.

  • For boys theme room characters, pick ones that can grow with him. This will save budget for re-decorating the room as the boy grows up.

Ready to look for the best boys theme room ideas?

Here it is, and have some FUN !! :)

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