Fun Butterfly Room Decor Ideas

We have unlimited option of colors and patterns to create a Butterfly room decor because butterflies are so colorful. Any color is good for this theme room, even colors you've never see on real butterflies! :)

Now let's start with the walls...

First, decide on what color the walls are gonna be for this butterfly room decor. If your Girl has a favorite color, use it. If she's too young to know what her favorite is, just pick any color you like.

Then look for two different shades of paint of that color, a lighter one and a darker one.


Even though any color suits this Butterfly Bedroom, but since it's a kid's room, it's best to choose colors that are not too dark for the walls. Also try to avoid too bright colors that are not comfortable for the eyes.

Use dark and bright colors for accents only, for example to make butterfly wall murals.

Measure up from the floor to the height of 1.1 meters and make a straight horizontal pencil line on the walls. Put masking tape right below the line and paint the upper area with the lighter wall paint.

After the paint dries, take off the masking tape and place another right above the line and paint the lower area with the darker wall paint.

While waiting for the paints to dry, browse the internet for various sized pictures of butterflies and small flowers. Use the small flowers pictures to draw wall murals horizontally along the wall border on about 5 centimeters above it. Remember to give some space between each flower and connect it with brown thin twigs and add some tiny green leaves.

Then make scattered colorful Butterfly wall murals using the various Butterfly pictures and you've got a Great butterfly bedroom walls! :)

Don't have enough time to do all that? Ask the whole family to help, it'll be so much FUN and you'll get some free extra hands!

Other option for this butterfly room decor is to use Butterfly Wallpaper. Hunt for butterfly wallpaper that comes with the color you or your girl wants, or look for simple plain or striped wallpaper and add butterfly wallpaper border as accent.

Now we'll continue this butterfly room decor by filling up the room with furniture.

Since butterflies are identical with nature, it's a good idea to use wooden brown furniture for this butterfly theme room. To make the room even more alive, use wood paints to paint small flowers and butterflies on the furniture.


If the walls already got lots of butterfly wall murals on it, then paint only some corners of the furniture to avoid the room from being too crowded.

But if you use plain or striped wallpaper for the walls, consider painting a large butterfly at each center of the bedroom's door, tables, and closet doors. Then paint the corners of the furniture with some small wild flowers.

For the bedding, look for Butterfly Bedding Set with colors that match the wall's background colors.

Other option to tone down the room a little bit if you think the room is already too crowded with butterflies is to use plain white bed sheet, plain or striped pillow shams with any soft pastel colors, and then add a Butterfly Comforter.

Now we have done most part of this butterfly room decor and we'll just add some accessories to finish the room. Here are some butterfly room decorations ideas:

  • Kids love to play on the floor so rug is an important accessory to add. Pick a Butterfly Rug with colors that match the room's main colors. Soft colored Shaggy Rug will do great too.

  • Use Butterfly Frame or Flowers Frame for any picture you want to put in the room.

  • Put a butterfly lamp beside the bed.

  • Add a wooden wastebasket with pastel color that suits the room. Paint your Girl's initial on it and add some scattered small flowers around the initial.

  • Hang some Paper or Tulle Butterflies from the ceiling. Hang it at various heights to make it look natural.

  • Use butterfly themed switch plates instead of a plain one.

Hope your Girl LOVES her new Butterfly Theme Room! :)

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