Starry Celestial Decor
for a Sparkling Kid's Theme Room

Celestial decor is simple yet sparkling and nice for your kid's bedroom. Design your celestial bedroom with stars everywhere and blue as the main color.

Here are some celestial decor ideas you can try...

Celestial Wall Decor (and Ceiling)

First of all, paint your ceiling blue, then add lots of shiny silver and golden yellow stars. After the paint dries, add some glow in the dark stars.

Finished the ceiling? Let's work on the walls!

For the fastest result, you can look for blue wallpaper with colorful stars on it. Then apply celestial sun, moon, and stars wall border. Finish up by hanging (or attach by tape) some big glittery golden star and a blue moon on your wall, it'll look great!

If you have time, it's very easy to paint your own beautiful celestial wall decor. Easiest way is to paint all your walls blue, then get some celestial sun, moon, and stars stencil to make your wall border. You can also look for bigger sun and moon stencil to paint your sun and moon wall mural.

But to be honest, the sun, moon, and stars are not hard at all to paint, even without stencils. So if you have plenty extra time, you can do it all by yourself. Here's how:

Pick one or two sides of your wall to be your "day" wall. Paint this side of the wall sky blue. Then paint all the other walls the same blue as your ceiling, this will be your "night" wall. Make color gradation from the sky blue area to your wall and ceiling's blue area if possible.

After the paint dries, use damp sponge and white paint to add some white clouds on your "day" wall. Also don't forget a big shining golden sun where you can paint a smiling face on.

For the "night" area, paint lots of various size colorful shining stars just like the ceiling. Then add a big blue or silver moon, also with a smiling or sleepy face if you want.

Remember, your painting doesn't have to be perfect. Actually, if you can make it looks like a little kid's drawing it'll be even more interesting. After all this IS a kid's bedroom, right?

Celestial Bedroom Furniture, Bedding, and Curtain

Now it's time to fill up this celestial bedroom with furniture.

Furniture with celestial sun, moon, and stars designs will be great for this theme room, but plain pastel colored kid's furniture will also look nice. Pick one or two of your kid's favorite color, then look for furniture with those colors.

Let's continue this celestial decor by dressing up the bed and windows. Shop for celestial bedding to dress up the bed. Look for blue one with sparkling stars and bright sun and moon on it.

Or you can get a nice celestial fabric to make matching celestial bedding and curtain.

Celestial Bedroom Accessories

After finishing all the essentials for this celestial decor, it's time to work (and play) with the details. Here are some celestial bedroom accessories ideas you can try:

  • Attach some sun, moon, or stars wall pegs on the wall to hang things.

  • Get a nice celestial night light or day lamp for this theme room.

  • There are so many room decor items out there with sun, moon, and stars designs. So each time you shop for this celestial bedroom, don't forget to pick items with those designs.

    For example, you can find a nice silver photo frame with sparkling little stars easily. This will compliment your celestial decor.

  • Glow in the dark moon and stars look great in this theme room, don't forget to get some for your ceiling and walls.

  • Personalize your celestial decor by hanging your kid's name tiles on the wall. You can also order personalized celestial clock and stitch your kid's name on his/her blanket. Just remember not to go overboard by putting your kid's name on every single item in this bedroom.

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