Boy's Construction Theme Bedroom Ideas

Construction theme bedroom is one of the favorite themes for a boy's room. Even though more toddler or younger boys' rooms are decorated with this theme, but actually it's also OK for older boys, without adding those truck modeled bedding of course :)

OK, let's go straight to the decorating ideas now...

Walls and Windows

Paint the walls White and combine it with soft Gray, Blue, or Green. Make a straight line at the height of about 1.2 meters from the floor, then paint the upper area with White and paint the lower with the other color.

After the paint dries, tape the border line with Caution Tape or Hazard Warning Tape. It's the yellow and black diagonally striped tape that is often used at a construction area for safety lines.

You can easily find this tape at your local stores or many online stores. Look for the self-adhesive laminated one that's easy to apply and has a nice glossy surface.

Paint the window and door frames Yellow or White.

Then dress up the windows with construction theme curtain or plain curtain with the color that matches your construction theme bedroom walls (Gray, Blue, or Green).

To add some accents to the walls, paint some bulldozer, crane, dump truck, cement mixer truck, signs, and other construction theme wall murals.

Make sure that the walls are not overcrowded though, paint wall murals only on large empty areas that's not going to be covered by furniture.

Bedding and Furniture

Are you creating a construction theme bedroom for younger boys or toddlers?

Well, great news for you! Construction theme seems to be popular for boys 'cause there are so many construction bedding choices out there.

You can easily find many choices of these construction bedding and compare prices online. These beddings mostly look like a truck or bulldozer and painted in a combination of yellow and black. Don't forget to pay attention to the materials used, make sure it's safe for children.

Decorating for older boys?

Keep it simple, use classic or minimalist styled bedding.

Then dress up the bed with construction bedding set that includes the bed sheet, comforter, and pillow cases. You can also find lots of these bedding sets, pick one with the color that matches this theme room's walls.

Other option is to use plain white bed sheet and combining it with plain black comforter and yellow pillow cases. This especially suits older boys better.

Complete this theme room with construction theme table and chairs for younger boys.

Add in any other black, white, or yellow colored furniture. But don't use combination of more than two colors for the furniture to avoid the sense of an unfocused theme room.

Other Accessories

Accessories will definitely clarify the room's theme, so here are some accessories ideas for this construction theme bedroom:

  • Bright orange cones are often used at construction sites, so put some small plastic orange cones in the room.

  • Look for a construction theme table lamp and put it beside his bed.

  • Put some truck and bulldozer toy cars on the top of his studying desk. If the theme room is large enough, it's even better to add a display cabinet to the room and put the toy cars there!

  • Hang some signs that are usually used at construction sites on the wall. Don't do this if the walls are already crowded with murals though, it'll be just too much. Do this if there are still many empty spaces on the walls after all the furniture are put at its place and all the murals are done.

  • Add some Black and Yellow throw pillows on the bed or chairs.

Hope your boy enjoys his new Construction Theme Bedroom! :)

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