Fun Western Cowboy Decor Ideas


Does your kid love horses and cowboys?

Does s/he dream of becoming a sheriff on a western land?

Western cowboy decor is an exciting theme for kids! You can add lots of western items such as sheriff's badge, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, horse items, plastic or metal cowboy guns, and so much more.

Here are some cool and fun ideas to turn your kid's bedroom into a wild west fantasy!

Ceiling, Walls and Windows

Paint the ceiling Off-White and the walls Soft Golden Brown. After the paint dries, add western wallpaper border to lift up the theme.

Other option is to paint your own cowboy mural border, for example you can browse the internet for simple pictures of horses and cowboy hats then paint it one after another on your wall. It will be a Fun and Unique cowboy theme wall border!

Thinking of using wallpaper?

Although western wallpaper is a good choice for babies and younger kids, it won't last long.

It's OK if you plan on renovating this theme room as they grow, but if you want to have a western wall decor that grow with them then you should look for something more classic that also goes well with the theme. Vertical striped light brown and white wallpaper is a good example of this.

Or you can paint the walls Beige (Light Brown) and then apply some western cowboy or cowgirl peel and stick wall murals. These stickup murals are beutiful, not expensive, very easy to apply, and also easy to remove!

When your kid outgrow the theme, you can just remove these murals.

Use Dark Wooden Brown or Maroon to paint the door and window frames.

For the window treatment, either use western theme curtain or plain Cream colored one. Add some colorful bandanas as valance.

Bedding and Furniture

Now it's time to fill up this western bedroom.

Classic or carved wooden furniture is the best pick for a western cowboy decor. Look for dark wooden brown bed frame, table, chair, cabinet, and other furniture.

If you can find a cowboy bed frame then it'll be perfect for this western bedroom.

Dress up the bed with cute cowboy bedding for babies or younger kids. Hunt online to compare styles, prices, and fabrics. Pick one that matches your cowboy decor color scheme.

For older kids' western bedroom you can pick a classic cowboy bedding.

Other option is to combine plain white or maroon bed skirt with striped or squared brown, maroon, and off-white comforter, then add matching cowboy shams for the pillows.

Other Accessories

We've come to the most Fun part of all, Accessories! :)

There are lots of western decor accessories out there, hunt for ones that match this western bedroom color schemes.

Here are some fun accessories ideas for this cowboy decor:

  • Add a western area rug.

  • Every room needs a clock, so hunt for a nice cowboy clock for this theme room.

  • There are lots of cowboy or western pillows out there in stores, get some to accessorize this western bedroom.

  • Look for a vintage western table lamp and put it beside the bed.

  • Replace the cabinet or table drawers' knobs with horse shoe, cowboy gun, or other western decor related knobs.

  • If you have a young kid you might want to consider a rocking horse. Pick one with your kid's favorite color.

  • A cowboy bookend can be a nice accessory.

  • Take a picture of your kid wearing Cowboy/Cowgirl costume and gears then frame and hang it on the wall or put it on his/her studying desk.

  • Planning on adding a mirror for this western cowboy decor? Pick an oval one with carved wooden frame. Plastic frame with wooden brown color will do just fine too.

  • Hat is a must accessory for any cowboy and a cowboy hat rack is a must accessory for your kid's western bedroom.

  • Look for a nice Sheriff's Tin Badge and a Western Toy Pistol at party stores, frame it with vintage wooden frame, then hang it on the wall.

  • Still have lots of empty spaces on the wall? You can hang a western cowboy wall art framed in brown wooden frame. Horse wall art can also be a nice option.

You can add any matching accessories for this theme room, but with all those Western Accessories you can find out there, it's easy to go too far with this theme room.

Try not to over-fill this western bedroom, don't make this room over-crowded. And remember that it's better to pick accessories that can grow with your kids so you don't have to throw it away as they grow up.

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Western Cowboy Decor Accessories

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