Got a Dinosaur Lover in the House?
Try These Fun Dinosaur Room Decor Ideas

Thinking about doing a dinosaur room decor for your little one?

Dinosaurs... These prehistoric animals that lived in the Mesozoic Era are quite attractive to kids. Kids are curious about these creatures and it'll be a great idea to make a dinosaur bedroom for them.

Creating a dinosaur room decor can be a lot more creative and fun than just throwing some dinosaur plush toys or dinosaur pictures in. You can make your own unique walls, personalize the furniture, and be creative with the accessories.

Here are some dinosaur decor ideas you can try...


An easy and fast way to do this theme room's walls is by using dinosaur wallpaper and wall borders. If you have limited time, this will be a great option for you.

You can hunt for dinosaur wallpaper and use it to cover whole walls, or you can paint the walls with pastel green or tan and then use your kid's favorite dinosaur wall borders to accessorize it.

Here is another easy option to get a great dinosaur wall decor... Use pre-made stickup wall murals!

You can hunt for pre-made dinosaur wall murals online and easily stick it up on your kid's bedroom wall after painting the walls with the base color you want. It's not expensive, the result looks great and it takes very little time to setup so it's good for those of you who only have limited time to do this dinosaur bedroom project.

If you want to have a unique dinosaur decor for the walls, I recommend using murals instead of wallpaper or wall borders. Whether you want to paint your own murals or use pre-made ones, here are some wall design ideas:

  1. Dinosaur World

    In the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs lived, people lived in caves and jungles are almost everywhere.

    To bring this dinosaur world back to live in your kid's theme room, you can paint the walls with large trees and ferns then add some large cave and dinosaur murals.

    Here is an idea to make the cave looks more alive, especially if you're decorating a large room...

    Use plywood to make a cave structure at a corner of this bedroom, make it large and tall enough to be your kid's playing or chill-out spot. Prepare lots of newspaper or used paper, smash it and hot-glue it to cover the outside surface of the cave's structure. Use paper tape to help you form these smashed papers to ensemble a real cave's surface or huge chunks of rocks. Then the last step is to cover it with a mix of dark and light grey spray paints. Don't forget to also spray-paint the inner surface of the cave with dark grey.

    Throw a jungle or dinosaur area rug on the cave's floor.

    One important thing to pay attention to when implementing this idea is lighting, make sure the inner area of the cave gets enough lighting for your kid to play in.

  2. Cute Dinosaurs

    Now, here's a great theme for girls or younger kids. Not only boys love dinosaurs, some girls love them too! If your girl or your little boy is one of those dinosaur lovers and you want to create a cute dinosaur room decor for her/him, here is an idea...

    First, paint the walls pastel green. While waiting for the paint to dry, browse online for cartoon pictures of cute dinosaurs. Show it to your kid and let her/him pick ones s/he likes, then use it to paint your own wall murals.

    You can also combine this with the Dinosaur World idea above by painting jungle and caves for the wall's background instead of just painting it green.

Bedding, Windows, and Furniture

After finishing the walls, now it's time to fill this room with furniture.

For a nice budget decor, you can use old furniture or look for unfinished furniture. Paint the furniture brown (like tree trunks) or grey (like stone), then paint various-sized dinosaur footprints on it.

Dress up the bed with dinosaur bedding. It's great if you can find a set of dinosaur bedding and curtain so you can have a perfect match for your bedding and curtain. If not, you can paint some large dinosaur footprints on a light grey fabric to be used as curtains. Jungle print fabric will also dress up this theme room's windows nicely.

Because dinosaur is a more common theme among younger kids, there's a chance that your kid will change his/her mind as s/he grow up. We can prevent redecorating the whole room at that time by limiting the theme right now.

So if this bedroom's walls are already full with murals, you might want to tone down the theme a bit to prevent this dinosaur room decor from going too far.

You can do this by using plain furniture and bedding. Instead of using dinosaur bedding, you can play with colors that match this theme room's colors. Instead of painting dinosaur footprints on the furniture, you can just put some dinosaur figures or plush toys as accessories on it, these accessories can be easily put away when your kid wants to change the bedroom's theme.

Other Accessories

Here are some fun accessories ideas for your kid's dinosaur room decor:

  • Hot glue gun is a very useful tool for any decorating project, including this dinosaur decor you're working on right now. Get some plastic dinosaurs at a party supplies store and hot glue it to the curtain rings. You can also use this idea to accessorize a plain base table lamp.

  • Dinosaur bedroom can be an educative theme. Browse for a graph of prehistoric timeline, mark the Mesozoic Era when the dinosaurs lived, print it large, then frame and hang it on the wall.

    Or you can do the same thing with pictures of dinosaurs. Browse for some species of dinosaurs, resize it to the same size, add the scientific name below the picture, place one dinosaur next to another, then print and frame it as a nice wall decor.

  • Hunt for other dinosaur or jungle accessories that can complement the theme. For example, you can add dinosaur wall clock, rock-alike alarm clock, cardboard tree, stone photo frame, etc.

Be creative and have some FUN with your kid's dinosaur room decor!

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