Playful Dolphin Decor for Kid's Bedroom

Dolphin decor is a playful theme kids love for their bedroom. Dolphin has strong reputation as cute friendly animal of the sea. They are also known to love human companion as well.

So it's not strange if your kid wants dolphins in his/her room after a visit to local marine aquarium or after watching a movie with dolphins in it.

With so many dolphin decor items available out there, this is an easy and fun theme to build!

Dolphin Wall Decor

When we think about dolphins, we might of course think about the sea where they live. So for this dolphin decor we will mostly play with blue and grey. Since this is a kid's bedroom, of course other playful colors such as yellow, pink, etc. are also great for accent.

Now let's start with your ceiling. Paint a clear blue sky with beautiful white clouds on it. First, use light blue to paint your whole ceiling, wait until it dries, then use damp sponge to add white clouds.

For the walls, first make a line on the height of ±1.1 meters from the floor. Paint the upper area white and the lower bright blue. Let it dry.

Then paint curly wave right above the line using the same blue paint you use for your lower wall. Wait for the paint to dry, then you can add dolphins to this "wave border". You can look for dolphin wall stencil to help you paint the dolphins.

You can also add some colorful ball murals like the ones they use on dolphin shows for this dolphin wall decor.

Don't feel like painting? You can also use wallpaper.

Paint your upper wall white, then look for blue and white vertical striped wallpaper for your lower wall area. Pick one with wide vertical stripes. Hunt for a nice dolphin wallpaper border and use it to cover the line between your wallpaper and white walls.

Dolphin bedding and furniture

You're creating a playful kid's theme room here, so bright-colored furniture such as yellow is okay. Pastel-colored ones such as blue or sea green are also great for this dolphin decor.

Just remember not to use too many colors, it can make this bedroom look like a mess. Pick one or two of your kid's favorite colors that goes along well with this bedroom's dolphin wall decor.

After filling this theme room with furniture, let's start dressing up the bed and windows. You can either look for a dolphin bedding set or hunt for a nice dolphin print fabric to be used as this theme room's bedding and curtain.

Here is an idea to add accent to the curtain: Get some cute small dolphin plush toys, then use small baby diaper pins to attach it to your curtain. If you're decorating for younger kids, remember to put these dolphin plush toys high enough to be out of your kid's reach.

Dolphin Room Accessories

It's time to finish up your dolphin decor with some accessories, here are some ideas:

  • Every room needs at least one clock, so pick a dolphin clock for this theme room.

  • Saving money is a good habit and it should start as early as possible. So add a dolphin bank to this dolphin bedroom! Besides teaching your kid to save money, this can be a nice decorative item!

  • Look for a dolphin night light to accompany your kid's sleep. A motion night light lamp will be great.

  • If there are many empty space on the wall, hang a wall rack and line some dolphin sculptures on it.

  • Get some dolphin plush toys and put it on the bed if you're decorating for girl's or toddler's bedroom.

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