Dora the Explorer Bedroom Decor Ideas

Dora the Explorer bedroom is a great theme for your toddler and younger kids. Dora the Explorer has been a hit series for many years, attracting millions of young fans across the world. With Dora's good personality during her adventures, this is a show that's not just fun but also educative.

This is a very girlie theme, using mostly purple and pink for the colors. But you can also use green, blue, and other colors of nature since Dora's adventures are outdoors.

Dora the Explorer Wall Decor

For a simple Dora wall decor, first paint the walls soft purple then look for Dora the Explorer wallpaper border.

If you want the walls to be more colorful, you can paint tree and flower murals as the background instead of plain purple. Forget the wall border, look for a large Dora mural together with Boots the monkey. You can also paint small butterflies, hearts, and other girlie accents.

Dora the Explorer Bedroom Furniture, Bedding, and Curtain

It's not hard to find Dora the Explorer chair, table, bed and other furniture to decor this theme room. Most of them are for toddlers, they come in purple or pink with pictures of Dora and her friends.

Or you can look for plain white or purple furniture and emphasize the theme by dressing up the bed and windows with Dora the Explorer bedding and curtains. This will save you some future budget when your kid grow up and decide to change her bedroom theme.

Add some heart and butterfly throw pillows for the bed. You can also pin some fabric butterflies on the curtains, but make sure it's out of your girl's reach otherwise she might pull it and cause damage to the curtain.

Dora the Explorer Bedroom Accessories

Here are some ideas to finish your theme room:

  • Girls love to play with dolls, so get Dora the Explorer doll for your girl. Also look for Boots the monkey and Swiper the fox dolls to accompany Dora.

  • Look for a Dora the Explorer night light.

  • Put some Dora the Explorer posters on the wall.

  • If the room is big, you can add Dora the Explorer play tent or tunnel.

  • Get purple alphabet wall hangings that spell your girl's name.

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