Whimsical Dragon Themed Bedroom for Your Boy

Thinking about creating a dragon themed bedroom for your boy?

This creature's existence in many culture is an undeniable fact that dragon is indeed popular. For example, in Chinese culture dragon represents power, bravery, and good luck. Chinese people even consider themselves as the descendants of the dragon.

In western culture the story about the brave knight accompanied by his dragon in a quest to save the princess is a very popular bedtime story, there are even movies about it.

Despite all the pros and cons out there about whether or not this creature really existed, dragon will always be an exciting theme for your kid's bedroom.

Dragon Themed Bedroom Walls, Furniture, and Bedding

There are many ways to create a dragon decor for your kid's bedroom walls. Here are two ideas you can try along with ideas for matching furniture, bedding, and curtain:

  1. Dragon, Knight, and Castle Wall Decor

    This one is a western version of dragon themed bedroom.

    First of all, paint the walls and ceiling sky blue for the background, then add white clouds on your ceiling using damp sponge and white paint. Paint green hills on the lower area of your walls, then paint one or two large castle wall mural.

    Finish your wall with knights and dragons wall murals. Knights and dragons are more difficult to paint than hills and castles, so you might want to consider using easy to use wall mural stencils or stickup wall murals for this.

    Look for bright or pastel colored children furniture for this whimsical theme. Blue or yellow furniture will look great with your walls.

    Then dress up the bed with kid's knight or dragon bedding set. Match your curtains with the bedding, or use blue or green fabric for it.

  2. Chinese Dragon Wall Decor

    We can see dragons on Chinese Emperor's Robe and everywhere around The Forbidden City which was once the Chinese imperial palace, this shows how important this creature is in Chinese culture.

    In Chinese culture, dragons are mostly presented in Yellow as a symbol of prosperity or Red as a symbol of power.

    For your Chinese dragon wall decor, you can paint the walls golden yellow, add some Chinese old style buildings, then paint some large red dragons. Adding some Chinese character wall murals "龙" that means dragon is also a great idea.

    After finishing the walls, it's time to throw in some furniture. Classic brown oriental style furniture with some red accent goes perfectly with this theme.

    Then you can look for kid's dragon bedding set, or you can choose bedding set with Chinese characters on it. Try to find a matching fabric for this theme room's curtains.

Dragon Themed Bedroom Accessories

Here are some accessories ideas for your dragon themed bedroom:

  • If you're decorating for a baby boy, put some dragon plush toys in his crib and also hang a dragon musical mobile.

  • Teaching kids to save money is always a good thing, so add a dragon bank to this theme room.

  • Don't forget to include a dragon lamp in your dragon decor. You can look for a plain-based table lamp, then hot-glue a nice dragon figure on the base. Now you have a great dragon table lamp.

  • Install a small wall rack on the wall and line up some dragon (and knights if it suits your theme) figures on it.

  • Put one or some dragon posters on the wall above your boy's bed.

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