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Fairy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Something magical is in the air... Let your girl explore her imagination by creating a fairy bedroom for her.

It doesn't need any magic dust to make a great one, all you need is some great ideas you can find right here!

For extra FUN, ask the whole family to get involved in the entire process, from painting the walls to picking the furniture and accessories.

Fairy Bedroom Walls

Soft Pink or Purple is great for this fairy decor. Other soft or bright colors can also be used for accents.

Planning on using wallpaper? Pick a vertical striped pink or purple one then add fairy wallpaper border. It's even better if you can find fairy wallpaper with little fairies on it.

Wanna have a personalized fairy bedroom? Forget the wallpaper and grab some paints!! :)

  • Prepare light and darker pink or purple wall paints. Remember not to pick a color that's "too dark", even the "darker" one shouldn't be too dark.

  • Make a pencil line on the height of 1 meter from the floor and paint the walls above with light pink or purple. Then paint the lower area with the darker paint.

  • Browse the internet for pictures of fairies. Use it as patterns to draw your own unique fairy bedroom wall murals.
    Use bright colors such as Yellow or Gold to draw the Fairy's magic wand.


    • Before painting the wall murals, don't forget to consider how much free space there will be on the wall after you put in all the furniture and other accessories.
      Painting wall murals on part of the wall that will be covered with furniture for example will be a waste of time and resources.
      This will also prevent the walls from looking over-crowded.

    • Click Here for Complete Instructions on How To Make Your Own Wall Murals!

  • Add some various sized star shaped glow in the dark stickers to the wall.

No time to paint it yourself?

Here's an easy way out: use pre-pasted fairy wall murals or fairy wall stickers!

Nowadays you can easily find wall stickers of various designs and themes, including fairy ones. These wall stickers are not expensive and very easy to apply. Many of them are even removable and can be used over and over again.

Fairy Bedroom Furniture and Bedding

It's great to have fairy furniture to fill your girl's fairy bedroom, but if you can't find one then some pastel colored furniture will do just fine. All you have to do is pick ones with colors that suit this theme room's colors. We can emphasize the theme by adding some fairy stuff later.

To save some budget, you can try buying unfinished furniture and paint it yourself. Combine some colors to make your own fun and unique furniture. For example, you can differ the cabinet drawers' color with the rest of it by using different shades of Pink.

Hunt the stores to find that one perfect fairy bedding for this theme room! Look for one with colors that get along with the walls you've finished.

If you can find a nice fairy print fabric, you can make your own fairy bedding set for your girl. Use the fairy print fabric to make your girl's fairy comforter and pillow shams. Pick a soft pink or purple for the bed skirt.

The good thing about using fairy print fabric is that you can buy some extra fabrics to be used as curtains, so your girl's curtain will have the same fairy print with her bedding set.

Other simpler option for this fairy bedroom is to play with colors. Use any bedding set with combination of soft pastel colors to tone down the theme a bit if it feels like this room is already too crowded with many fairy stuff.

Fairy Rugs

Rug is an important accessory to the room because kids LOVE to play on the floor.

It's not hard to find a nice fairy rug, just make sure that the rug's colors suit this bedroom's main colors. A shaggy soft pink or purple rug can also be a good option.

Lots of empty spaces in the room? Then find a large sized rug, it'll be more comfortable for your kid to play on and it'll fill this room better.

Other Accessories

Here are some accessories ideas that can be used for your fairy decor:

  • Every bedroom can use at least one clock, right? Add a fairy personalized clock for this one.

  • Hunt for a large sized fairy poster and post it on the wall above the bed.

  • Take a picture of your Girl wearing a dress and tiara holding a fairy wand, frame it and hang it on the wall or put it on her desk.

  • Line up some fairy figurines on her night stand or install a wall rack to display it.

  • Look for a Star Shaped Night Lamp to accompany your girl's sleep in this fairy bedroom.

  • Replace the room's door knob with a fairy one. Replace the drawers' knobs too if possible.

  • Hang silver letter wall hangings that spell your Girl's name. It'll be great if you can find ones with pink ribbon or you can accessorize it yourself.

  • Still have lots of empty spaces left in the room? Add a pink bean bag chair or kid's sofa and accessorize it with some fairy throw pillows.

  • If you're using old furniture for the room, re-paint the furniture with pink or purple to suit this fairy bedroom decor main color. Resize the tables and chairs to suit your girl's age if possible and necessary.

Take your whole family on weekends to look for accessories to fill up this theme room. It'll be a great family activity.

That's It! You've finished your fairy decor! Hope your girl enjoys her new theme room… :)

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Fairy Bedroom Decor Accessories

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