Planning on doing a Girl Room Decor?
Looking for some FUN Girl Room Ideas?

Thinking about girl room ideas is FUN! To create a nice girl room decor, there are so many colors and characters to choose from.

Most girls love soft colors and cute girlie characters, we can apply these to create great theme rooms for them.

Even though pink is the most common girly color, but other soft colors are also suitable, such as light brown, sea green, orange, purple, magenta, etc. Just remember not to pick "too bright" or "too dark" shades of a color except for accents.

Adding characters to a girl room can make her even happier! It's not always necessarily a "character", it can also be patterns, such as flowers, polka dots, etc. Hobbies or places she loves can also inspire the theme room.

Before deciding on any character or color theme for this girl room decor, first find out what she really likes. What's her favorite color? Favorite flower or other pattern? Hobbies? Or maybe favorite cartoon character?

If she's not too young, discuss with her about how she wants the room to be, make sure she's gonna be happy with the result.

OK, let's pick the theme, shall we...

Here are some ideas for girls' theme rooms, have FUN!! :)

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