Why a Hawaiian Bedroom Decor?

Create a Hawaiian bedroom decor if you want your kids to have a bright and lively room that will keep them warm at any season. It's a theme that younger kids to teenagers love so much.

Here are some ideas to help you create a great Hawaiian bedroom...

Walls and Windows

Hawaiian style is famous for its bold and vivid colors. These colors are inspired mostly from their rich exotic floral. Even though Hawaii's State Flower is the Yellow Hibiscus, but most people also relate other colors and varieties of Hibiscus with Hawaii.

So for this Hawaiian bedroom decor you can actually use any Hibiscus prints with any color you like as the theme. This will work great especially for your girl's theme room.

For example, you can first pick the Hibiscus print with her favorite colors for the bed, then look for matching colors and pattern for the windows treatment. After that, you can paint the walls with different shade of the same color, or you can paint it with cool colors such as Soft Blue or Green.

Now, we all know that boys are not so crazy about flowers, right... So instead of Hawaiian floral theme, you can create a more general beach or tropical theme room for him. Paint the walls Soft Blue, Green, or other cool or neutral colors. Use Bamboo shades for the windows treatment.

After finishing with the walls, paint the windows and door frames White.

Other option to make a cool Hawaiian bedroom decor is to paint a large wall mural of Hawaiian beach, complete with the waves, palm trees, beach umbrellas, and surfboards. Paint this mural to cover one whole side of the wall to emphasize the Hawaiian theme.

Bedding and Furniture

Now let's start filling up the room with some Hawaiian furniture...

A tropical canopy bed is the perfect choice for this theme room, especially if it's a big bedroom. Tropical canopy bed usually available with the Queen or King Size, so it's not so suitable for smaller room.

Since this is a kid's bedroom, pick a simple tropical canopy bed instead of a fully carved one. It's even better if you can find one made of Bamboo.

If tropical canopy bed is not an option, a simple White wooden bed will do great too.

Then go to the stores or browse online for a large selection of Hawaiian bed sets to dress up the bed. Finding these Hawaiian bed sets is not difficult at all, you can find so many choices of different colors and patterns easily. Just remember to ask your kid if s/he likes it before buying one.

If you're decorating for a girl then a floral Hawaiian bedding will be perfect. The easiest Hawaiian bedding you can find in almost every home improvement store is Hibiscus prints with many options of colors and patterns. The colors of the bedding you chose can be used as this theme room's main theme as mentioned above at the "Walls and Windows" section.

Creating a boy's Hawaiian bedroom decor?

Pick a general kids tropical bedding for him. A blue bedding set with palm trees, for example, will be a great choice. If he is an older boy he'll probably want the theme room as simple as possible, so just pick a colorful striped bedding set or a plain one with colors that matches the bedroom walls.

Add other natural furniture to the room such as ones made of Bamboo, Rattan, Wicker, or Wood. If you decide to go with woods, painting it White will make this Hawaiian bedroom looks brighter.

Other Accessories

Here are some Hawaiian bedroom decor accessories ideas to complete this theme room:

  • Take a large glass bowl and fill it with artificial bananas, mangos, pineapples, or other tropical fruits. This artificial fruits bowl will be a great accessory.

  • If the room is big enough, you can add a display cabinet and fill it up with Tiki Arts and artificial fruits bowl mentioned above.

  • Stand one or some surfboards at the corner of the room.

  • Mount a cardboard palm tree on the wall or stand it next to a table, you can find this at many party stores.

  • Add some colorful Hibiscus prints throw pillows to the bed and chair.

  • Bamboo rug is a great addition for this Hawaiian bedroom decor. Be careful when buying this though, make sure there are no sharp edges, sharp strings, or other rough surfaces, it can hurt your kid.

  • Look for a tropical ceiling fan to be added to the room.

  • Make a door hanging from Raffia or Wicker that says "Aloha" and hang it on the door.

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Hawaiian Bedroom Decor Accessories

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