Glamour Hollywood Decor Ideas

Many girls dream of being a Hollywood star and they surely will love to have a Hollywood decor for their bedroom.

The key to a great Hollywood theme decor is glamour. Whether it's modern or classic Hollywood decor you're trying to create, glam look is a must. And glamour look doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on it, with some creativity you can have great result within any budget.

Now here are some Hollywood glamour bedroom ideas:

  1. Black and White Retro Hollywood

    This is a classic theme people love. Let's start with the walls.

    Planning on using wallpaper? Hunt for black and white star wallpaper.

    Having trouble finding one? Don't worry, just paint the walls white and look for some Hollywood stickup murals. These murals are very easy to apply, as easy as wallpapers! Remember to pick black and white murals to stay within the theme.

    If you have time, you can try painting the walls yourself. First paint the walls white as the backdrop. Then paint various sizes star, filmstrip, and movie clapboard murals using combination of Black and Grey paints. Remember not to make the walls overcrowded, give some space for each mural.

    Now, the windows. Paint the window frames off-white or silver, then look for sparkling gold colored fabric to dress it up.

    Why use a touch of gold? Because even though we're trying to create a black and white room, that doesn't mean we can't use any other color at all. Gold means glamour and it stands out well in a black and white environment, so it's perfect for this theme room!

    If you don't want to dress the bed gold, you can add some gold hollywood themed decoration items such as movie reels, film cans, etc.

    After finishing the walls and windows, we can put some furniture in. For a nice glamour retro style, pick some rustic furniture. Or you can also look for unfinished furniture with carved edges that give you that classic feel, then paint it off-white.

    Accessorize the room with a large black & white movie poster.

  2. Modern Minimalist Glam Hollywood

    Not into that old retro style? Try a modern one! A nice modern-minimalist style is also many people's favorite, but to make it feel like being in Hollywood it's gotta be glamour.

    Paint upper area of the walls Ivory, then paint the lower area Soft Gold. Shop for nice glam-looking star wall border and apply it on the border between your Gold and Ivory walls.

    Use silver paint for your window frames, then look for small flower print Gold colored fabric to dress it up. Make sure you pick a nice fabric with simple prints that look classy.

    Now it's time to fill up this theme room with some furniture.

    What makes great Hollywood furniture? Classy and glamour ones of course.

    So, what defines classy and glamour? While many expensive items look classy and glamour, but it's not always about the price.

    If you've seen many Hollywood star's homes shown on television or magazines, you might notice that many of their furniture are designed with simplicity. Of course those furniture are expensive, but price is not the key, it's how they put it together that makes the room looks beautiful.

    You can use inexpensive simple line furniture to create this beautiful glamour look too. The key is harmony, pay attention to the colors and positions. Picking the right accessories for this theme room will also help you get that glamour Hollywood decor.

  3. Fun Colorful Hollywood

    Now this is the theme that suit younger kids better. The idea is to create a nice colorful bedroom full of stars, then add some accessories that compliment the Hollywood theme, such as a replica of the academy award statue and large poster of a box office children movie (Baby's Day Out, Open Season, etc.).

    For the walls, make a wall border with White upper area and Light Gold lower area. Apply colorful star wallpaper border between those two colors.

    Or if you have enough time, try painting your own Hollywood Hills wall mural complete with lots of palm trees. Use green for the hills, soft blue for the sky, and sparkling silver for the Hollywood sign.

    After finishing the walls, dress up the windows with colorful star print fabric.

    For the furniture, pick pastel colored furniture such as pink or blue. Yellow accent on the furniture will look nice for this Hollywood decor.

    Pick soft colored Hollywood area rug for your kid to play on. Adding some yellow star shaped throw pillows is also a good idea.

Hollywood Decor - Bedroom Accessories Ideas

Here are some accessories ideas you can apply to any Hollywood decor style you chose:

  • An Academy Awards replica statue will be a great accessory if you can find one.

  • Install multiple bulbs vanity light on each side of your girl's dressing table or mirror just like in a real artist's dressing room.

  • Install a medium spotlight on a corner of this theme room. Arrange it to spotlight the area in front of a large mirror if possible, so your kid can pretend to be a real star while watching herself in the mirror.

  • A movie clapboard will look nice on her desk.

  • Hang a personalized star door hanging on her door knob, or put a personalized artist dressing room door plaque on the door with her name on it.

  • Put a pink table lamp on her night stand, pick one that looks sparkling and glamour.

  • Look for a large poster of her favorite movie and put it on the wall above her bed. More than one poster will also be great if there are enough empty spaces available on the wall.

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