Fun Horse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Does your kid love horses? Maybe even competing in horse shows?

Horse bedroom is a great theme to create if the answer is yes, no matter if s/he just admires horses or enjoys riding on it.

Here are some ideas to create a horse theme room for kids of any gender and age...

Walls and Windows

When we're thinking of creating a horse bedroom decor, first thing that comes into mind is probably something country, right...

So we'll use shades of Brown as the main color for this theme room to make it look natural and make your kid feels like living in the country side. This kind of room is neutral and suitable for kids of any gender and age.

For the walls, you can either paint it light brown or mustard. Then you can add wall murals of horses, horse stall, horseshoes, cowboy hats, etc. Browse the internet for some pictures and use it to paint your own kids room wall murals.

Want an easier way? There are lots of stores out there offering easy-to-apply horse stickup murals, you'll just have to stick it to your wall like regular stickers. This of course will cost you more, but it's easier to do, needs less time, and the mural usually looks more real especially for large and sophisticated pictures.

If you're planning on having cartoon-like horse murals for this theme room, then I suggests you try painting those kids room wall murals yourself, it's easier to paint 2-D pictures, you don't really need special skills to do that.

But if you're planning on having horse murals that look like the real thing, I suggest you use the pre-made wall mural stickups because these kind of murals are hard to paint by yourself, unless if you're an artist with appropriate skills of course.

Browse online for wide selection of these peel and stick horse murals.

Some stores even offer personalized large murals that can be ordered to fit your whole side of the bedroom's wall. Some offer to transform your own picture into easy-to-apply mural stickups which is a great idea to try if you (or your kid) own your own horse.

Imagine a life-sized mural of your own horse on your kid's bedroom wall!

Another easy way to create your horse bedroom wall is by using wallpaper. You can look for wood log or wood texture wallpaper, it'll match this horse bedroom decor perfectly. Then you can add horse wall border for accent.

If you're decorating for a baby or toddler, you can easily find horse themed stuff in purple, green, pink, or other great soft pastel colors, so you can decorate this horse bedroom in any color you want instead of the classic Brown.

Just make sure that you don't mix too many colors into the room or it'll look a bit messy.

For the windows, first paint the window frames dark brown. Paint the door frame with the same color. If you're planning on using horse print fabrics to make your own bedding, then buy some extra fabric and use it to make a matching horse curtain.

If you're planning on using a plain sheet for the bedding, then pick one of many horse curtains available on stores that match the bedding color.

Other option is to use a plain brown or light brown fabric for the curtain.

Bedding and Furniture

After finishing the walls and windows, we'll fill up this theme room with horse furniture.

For the bed, look for a simple wooden bed with any shade of Brown. If you decided to use colorful kids horse bedding set, then look for a white wooden bed frame.

Dress up the bed with horse bedding set. Many of these horse bedding sets are available in different shades of Brown, so you won't be having any trouble picking one that your kid love. You won't be having any trouble either if your kid wants a more colorful kids horse bedding.

The bottom line... You won't be having any trouble finding the right horse print bedding for this horse bedroom decor! Browse online for more choices and compare prices. And don't forget to ask your kid before buying one, make sure s/he likes it.

Other option is to use a plain white bed sheet and brown pillow cases, then add a horse comforter.

Add other natural wooden furniture to this horse bedroom with the same shade of brown or white as the bed.

Other Accessories

This theme room won't be complete without any accessories... So here are some accessories ideas for this horse bedroom decor:

  • Does your kid compete in horse shows? If s/he does then find an empty spot on the wall to hang the ribbons. You can also frame pictures from the competition and hang it on the wall or put it on the table.

  • Look for a matching horse rug, or if the room already has too much horse ornaments you can just add a plain brown rug to avoid this room from getting too far with the theme.

  • Add a rocking horse to the room if you're decorating for a younger kid.

  • Put a horse table lamp beside the bed.

  • Some horseshoe wall racks will be a great accessory.

  • Put a small horse statue on the table, or if the room is big enough you can add a wooden display rack and fill it up with horse statues and other horse accessories.

  • A horse wall clock can also be a nice accessory for this theme room.

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Horse Bedroom Accessories

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