Create Your Own Kids Room Wall Murals

To add pictures or motifs to the wall, we don't have to buy pre-painted kids room wall murals or themed wall stick-ups, we can paint the wall murals ourselves! :)

Here is the Step-by-Step instruction on How to Paint Your Own Childrens Wall Murals:

  1. Browse the internet to find the pictures you want to paint as wall murals. This picture will be used as the pattern.


    • Look for simple 2D pictures or drawings. It is easier to make patterns out of a 2D picture than a 3D one.

    • Avoid photo pictures. It's hard to define the outer and border lines of objects in a photo, so it's hard to make a wall mural pattern out of it.

  2. Resize the picture to the size needed and print it.

    Want to make a large wall mural? The home printer cannot print the size you want?

    Here are TIPS on how to solve that problem:

    • Print it from a Picture Editor Software after resizing it to the size you want. This will break the picture into the size that fits your printer's paper.

      Do not print it using Windows Photo Printing Wizard, it can only be printed to the sizes they provide, not the real size of the picture. And the largest size this wizard provides is one full page.

      After all pages are printed, tape it together. Then it's ready for the next step. Do it with your kids, it's like breaking a puzzle! :)

    • Want to save your printer's ink? Here's another way to do this:

      • Print the picture in a size that your printer supports.

      • Trace the picture's lines to a plain white paper using Carbon or Graphite Transfer Paper.

      • Go to a copying center to enlarge the traced picture to the size you want.

      • It's ready for the next step!

  3. Tape a Graphite Transfer Paper to the wall using Masking Tapes on the location where the wall mural wants to be painted.


    • Graphite Transfer Paper works just like carbon paper that we are familiar with. The difference is that graphite transfer paper transfer can be easily erased with a pencil eraser.

    • Masking Tape or also known as Painter's Tape or Paint Tape is specially made for protecting surfaces from "accidents" when we paint. It's easy to put on and it's easy to remove.

    • These tools can easily be found at art or home decorating stores.

  4. Tape the printed picture above the Graphite Transfer Paper using Masking Tapes.

  5. Trace the picture to the wall by following its lines.

  6. Remove Masking Tapes to remove the picture and graphite transfer paper from the wall.

  7. Use Acrylic Paint with the colors you want for the kids room wall mural on the pattern already drawn on the wall.

  8. Let it dry.

  9. Start the whole process from the beginning for other wall murals you want to paint.

That's it! You've done your kids room wall murals! It's FUN, isn't it? :)


Do it with the whole family, make it a Family Activity. It'll add more FUN to the process!

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