Fun Mickey Room Decor Ideas

Who doesn't know Mickey Mouse? Mickey is a classic favorite for so many people.

Born in 1928 but never seems to grow old, this cute mouse has surely win a place in many kid's – and adult's – hearts.

With a smart, funny and polite character, Mickey is a great idol for kids. Creating a Mickey room for your kid will never go wrong.

Here are some ideas to do that:

Mickey Mouse Wall Decor

First, paint all the walls and ceiling White or Cream. Pastel Yellow is also good.

Feeling artistic? You can paint a huge silhouette of Mickey's head and ears on the wall where the bed will go. This can serve as some sort of headboard decoration.

Then pick out a Mickey Mouse and Friends wallpaper border, and paste at the chair rail height along the other walls.

Add a couple of large sized Mickey Mouse Wall Mural to fill in some blank space on the walls above the border. But remember not to use too many murals, you don't want a clustered room.

Ideas for hidden Mickey: Paint small Mickey's head and ears on each corner of the ceiling.

Mickey Mouse Bedding and Furniture

Now for the bedding. You can of course look for Mickey Mouse bedding; there are some cool options of those out there.

But if you already have Mickey Mouse walls, then plain bedding will do fine as long as the colors fit the theme. Just play around with red, white, black, and yellow.

For example, you can combine white bed sheet with red comforter and yellow or black pillow shams.

We can use the same concept for the furniture.

Specially designed Mickey furniture will of course look wonderful in this Mickey Mouse bedroom, but you might need to replace those when your kid grow out of the theme.

Since furniture is not cheap and not easily breakable, it will be a lot more economical to use regular ones. Choose everlasting simple designs with neutral colors that still fit this Mickey room, e.g. white or cream.

Mickey Mouse Decor Accessories

Here are some fun ideas to accessorize your Mickey room:

  • Look for round shaped wall rack. This will go well with the theme even if it doesn't have Mickey's ears.

  • Hidden Mickeys can be found in Disney resorts, Disney theme parks, their movies, and comic books. Why don't you add some to this Mickey room? It'll be fun for your kid to find!

    You can either paint the hidden Mickeys, or use anything resembling Mickey's head. For example, get 1 large round mirror and 2 small ones, and then install the mirrors to resemble Mickey's head.

    Another idea if you have a school age kid: get a large corkboard and cut them to 1 large circle and 2 smaller ones. Install the corkboard to resemble Mickey's head, but do it either upside down or at some angle. This will be less noticeable and thus a bit more hidden.
    The corkboard can be used to pin your kid's schedule, notes, school project ideas, etc.

  • Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy are often seen with Mickey. So you can also accessorize this Mickey room with those characters. Their plush toys, figurines, or wall stickers will be great.

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