Fun Nautical Bedroom Decor Ideas

Creating a nautical bedroom for your kid is a nice choice. It's a theme many people fall in love with, not just kids, even adults too!

Whether you're designing for your teenage kid or your little one, we have some fun nautical decor ideas you can try. We're going to use combination of colors associated with nautical theme such as navy blue, white, sea green, sky blue, etc.

Are you ready? Let's start...

First of all, the walls. For a simple fix: Look for plain light sandy brown or navy blue wallpaper, or pick a thick vertical striped one with those colors. Then add nautical wallpaper border.

If you're planning on painting this nautical bedroom walls, first paint it soft blue as the background. Then look for some nice nautical themed wall mural stencils to decor the walls. Stencils are easy to use and not expensive. You can either pick a large sailing or lighthouse stencil or small wall border stencil.

Want a more personalized one-of-a-kind nautical bedroom walls? Here is a step by step guide to make one:

  • Paint the walls light sandy brown.

  • Make letter murals on the wall above the bed that spells "CAPTAIN [KID'S NAME]". Use Navy Blue for the color.


  • Paint nautical flags alphabet murals that spell your kid's name above the words "CAPTAIN [KID'S NAME]" you've just made.

    Not familiar with nautical flags?
    Nautical flags are also known as international maritime signal flags where each flag represents an individual alphabet and has a standard meaning. This is how the flags look like (put your cursor over any flag to find out the meaning):

    Nautical Flags - Alpha Nautical Flags - Bravo Nautical Flags - Charlie Nautical Flags - Delta Nautical Flags - Echo
    Nautical Flags - Foxtrot Nautical Flags - Golf Nautical Flags - Hotel Nautical Flags - India Nautical Flags - Juliet
    Nautical Flags - Kilo Nautical Flags - Lima Nautical Flags - Mike Nautical Flags - November Nautical Flags - Oscar
    Nautical Flags - Papa Nautical Flags - Quebec Nautical Flags - Romeo Nautical Flags - Sierra Nautical Flags - Tango
    Nautical Flags - Uniform Nautical Flags - Victor Nautical Flags - Whiskey Nautical Flags - X-ray Nautical Flags - Yankee
    Nautical Flags - Zulu
  • For the finishing touch, add a large or medium sized Anchor Wall Mural on the left and right side of the murals you've made.

    Here is an example of the nautical bedroom mural design if your kid's name is "Jack":

    Nautical Bedroom Mural Example

After finishing the walls, paint the window and door frames White. Now the room is ready to be filled!

Look for a Navy Blue bed frame, or paint your kid's old bed with that color.

For a classic look you can combine White bed skirt with Sea Green or Sea Blue comforter then add matching pillow shams and some nautical theme throw pillows.

For a more contemporary style you can pick a Nautical bedding set with sea creatures or ship prints on it.

Dress up the windows with colors that match the bedding set. It'll be even better if you can find the same fabric or print to be used as curtains.

Complete this nautical bedroom with simple and classic wooden furniture. Dark Brown or Maroon will make this theme room looks classic while combination of bright Sky Blue and Yellow will be great for younger kids.

Now the room is basically done but it still feels empty without accessories, so here are some accessories ideas for this nautical bedroom:

  • There are also many stores out there offering beautiful nautical lamps, pick one to be put beside the bed.

  • Hang one or two Life Buoy on the wall.

  • Hang a round porthole mirror on the wall.

  • Every bedroom needs at least one clock, so look for a matching nautical clock for this room.

  • World Globe can be a nice accessory. Put it on top of your kid's studying desk.

  • Replace the drawers' knobs with nautical theme knobs.

  • Take a picture of your kid wearing sailor's outfit or holding fishing equipments, frame it and add it to this theme room.

  • Rug is an important accessory to be added to the room because kids love playing on the floor. And good news for you, there are many selections of nautical rugs available out there in stores. Ask your kid to pick one s/he likes.

  • If you're doing this nautical decor for a girl or younger kid, put some sea creatures plush toys such as sea turtles, dolphins, fishes, etc.

  • Still have lots of empty spaces in the room? Add a soft blue kid sofa or beanbag and accessorize it with some nautical theme throw pillows.

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