Fun Outer Space Bedroom Decor Ideas

Planning on creating an Outer Space Bedroom for your kid?

Boys and girls are full of imagination, that's why most of them LOVE outer space theme rooms. Here are some FUN ideas to make a great one.

Outer space theme is identical with navy or dark blue and black. But since this is a kid's room we'd like to avoid the room from being too dark, so we're going to use Medium or Sky Blue to paint the walls. Dark or Navy Blue can be used for the ceiling.

After the paint dries, paint Planets, Space Rockets, Space Ships, Comets, and other Space Objects on the walls.

Browse the internet for pictures to be used as patterns. Ask the whole family to help, it'll add Lots of FUN!

Having trouble painting Space Rockets, Astronauts, or other more detailed pictures? For easier wall decor, look for easy to apply wall mural sticker. This will save you lots of time.

Also put small to medium sized Glow In The Dark Stars on the walls and ceiling, make it scattered. Then put a large sized Glow In The Dark Moon on the ceiling.

You can also paint the Stars and Moon yourself and give accents to already painted wall murals using Glow In The Dark Paint. Glitter Paint can also be used as accents for the comet tails, star and moon lines, and planet rings.

Now that the walls are done, it's time to fill up the room.

For the bed, pick a Navy Blue Outer Space Bedding Set with pictures of Space Objects on it. It'll also be great if you can find a matching curtain with this outer space bedding. If not, look for other space themed curtain to be added to this outer space bedroom.

To match the outer space room decor theme, re-paint the furniture with Dark Grey or Silver. Use a couple layer of spray paint to get a great result.

Kids love to play on the floor, so don't forget to add a Navy Blue Outer Space Rug to the room.

Now this outer space room decor is almost done. Here are some accessories ideas to finish this theme room:

  • Hang a Solar System Model from the ceiling.

  • Make a black door hanging with Silver paint that stated "Entering Secret Galaxy Hideaway! Beware!!"

  • Look for an Outer Space Lamp to be added to this theme room.

  • For younger kid's bedroom, hang outer space themed alphabet wall hangings or wall hooks. Metallic or navy blue ones are also great for this theme room.

  • Track your kid's growth using an outer space or solar system growth chart.

  • Use Metallic Silver Photo Frame for any picture that's going to be put in the room.

That's it! This outer space room decor is done and now your kid has got a terrific Outer Space Bedroom!

Hope he/she likes it! :)

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