Planning on Painting The Ceiling?

People usually decide on painting the ceiling because it has water or smoke stains on, or simply because they want a new color to give a fresh look to the entire room. No matter which one is your reason, here is how to paint a ceiling to get a professional result.

White ceilingPainting the ceiling

First thing to do is of course to decide on the color. Buy a small quantity of paint first to try it on and see if that's the color you really want before painting the whole ceiling with it and having to re-paint all over again because you don't like how the color turns out in your room. It would be a waste of time and money.

After deciding on the color and preparing the rollers, brushes, paint tray, and other painting tools you'll need, the next step is to prepare your room and the ceiling itself. Making sure that you've done a good interior painting preparation before you start painting is essential. To be prepared is always better than having to clean up all the mess later.

Not sure what to prepare? Don't worry, I've made a list for you, click here.

Next is to mask the adjacent walls to avoid them from getting accidentally painted. Use masking tapes to do this and make sure that the tape stick on perfectly.

Now grab your paint brush and cut in about three to four inches along the edges of your ceiling. Do this around any light fixture also.

Then install an extension pole to your roller and start painting the ceiling.

Wait until the paint dries to see if you need another coat of paint. Always make sure that the previous coat has dried before applying another.

After you get the result you want, then you can take off the masking tapes, put away the plastic cover and put everything back into the room.

That's it! Have fun and enjoy your brand new ceiling! :)

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