Painting Tips for A Professional Result

Ready to paint? Wait.... Read these painting tips first before you start!

Before any painting job begins, of course you'll have to decide on the paint color. This is not as easy as it seems because each color comes with so many shades to choose from and you have to decide the one that match your room.

My suggestion is to buy the smallest quantity of the paint color you choose instead of buying a large quantity at once. Use it to paint small area on the surface you wish to paint and see if that's the color you really want. Review how the sunlight and lamp light affects that color at different times of the day.
If you don't want to paint the surface, paint on a piece of foam board and put it at different positions on the surface you want to paint.

It's also a good idea to know a little bit about color psychology before painting you kid's theme room, you can consider the effect that might be brought by the color to your kid's mood and behavior.

After you're absolutely sure about the color, calculate how much paint you'll need and buy it at once. The reason why you should do this is that the color you choose might be a mix of different colors and the best way to get the exact same color is to mix them all at once.

And make sure you buy good quality paints. Don't ignore this painting tips unless you wanna have to apply many coats or having to re-paint it again next year. Good quality paints only cost a little bit more but it will produce a long lasting better result.

Another tips on painting is to always keep a stash of the paints you use in small jars and don't forget to label each with the paint's brand name and color code. It'll be very useful if you're running out of paint before the whole job is done.

Next thing to do is to pick the appropriate brushes and rollers. There are many choices of paint brushes and rollers depending on the type of paint you use and the surface's texture. Always ask the paint store for help to make sure you choose the right ones.

Now, here is one of the most important interior painting tips I'm going to give you: Do a proper interior painting preparation first before starting the painting job itself. That includes covering anything you don't want to get paint on and doing some steps to make sure the paint will finish perfectly on your walls or ceiling or any other surface.

"Why is it so important? I'm doing the job myself and I'll be very careful, preparing will only waste my precious time."

Well, believe me, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen! It always does!

Before you know it, your painting job will turn into a disaster with mess all around the place for you to clean up. And it takes more time (and of course money) to clean up all that mess, not to mention the frustration you'll have to get through. There's also a chance that there will be some mess you'll have to accept because you just can't fix it.

Before you have regrets, it's best to have a good preparation. Click here for more on this...

Another important interior painting tips is to always paint in order, from top to bottom. Always start with painting the ceiling first, then continue with the walls, doors and windows frames, and finish with the floor. Make a list of the areas you want to paint and create a proper order.

Don't forget to have proper ventilation while you're painting.

That's all the tips on painting I have, have some fun painting! :)

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