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When we think about pirates on their ship, we picture a classic wooden ship with lots of wooden furniture and accessories. So we're going to apply that into this pirate theme room.

For the walls, paint it with Mustard-Hue or Soft Sea Blue.

Combination of two colors is also great, just pick a lighter and darker Mustard Hue or Sea Blue and paint wall border on the height of about 1-1.1 meter from the floor. Use darker paint for the lower area and lighter one for the upper.

Then look for Pirate peel and stick appliques, murals or borders to finish your walls.

After finishing the walls, fill up this pirate theme room with wooden furnitures. Use simple designed wooden table, bed, chest, and chairs. To give the room some color variation, choose some brown furniture and some black ones.

Wooden furniture usually come with classic wooden brown color. You can use black spray paints to cover some of the furniture to get the color variation.
But remember not to use too much black furniture to avoid this pirate room from looking TOO DARK. Use black only for smaller ones such as small chest or table lamp.

For the bedding set, you can look for either classic soft brown one or pirate themed one. Don't forget to ask your boy whether he likes it or not before buying one!

Now that you've fulfill the major components of this pirate room decor, it's time for the details. Here are some great ideas to finish this boys room decor:

  • Add a personalized pirate clock with your kid's name on it. It'll be a great accessory and he'll be so proud of it!

  • Paint a Black Door Hanging that says "Captain [your kid's name]'s Room, Only PIRATES allowed!".

  • Hunt for a pirate model ship and put it in this pirate room.

  • Look for a plain brown rug to be added to this pirate room.

  • Look for a small wooden treasure chest, fill it up with gold coin shaped chocolates and put it on the table. But of course you should remind your kid not to eat the chocolates before bed... :) Or replace it with plastic gold coins instead.

  • Paint a Large Treasure Map Wall Mural above or beside the bed. Hunt for Treasure Map pictures online to be used as pattern.


    Painting the wall mural yourself is really NOT that hard. Click here for complete step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

  • If your kid is a fan of Disney's Pirates of The Caribbean movie and there are still lots of empty spaces on the walls, add a large sized Pirates of The Caribbean poster to the room.

  • Look for a Pirate Themed Table or Night Lamp to be put beside his bed.

  • If you have a younger kid, you can pick more general and cute pirate pictures for the room. Just tape or frame a pirate print then hang it above your kid's bed.

  • Still have lots of empty space in the room? Add a display rack and fill it up with pirate toys, figures, and equipments. For example, if your kid is a fan of Disney's Pirates of The Caribbean, then you can put its collectible action figures in this display rack. You can also put in pirate hat, plastic pirate sword, etc.
    Even if there's no place for a display rack in this room, you can still put some of these items on the top of his studying desk.

  • Put a medium sized Skull Statue or Sign as an accessory to this pirate theme room.

  • Replace this pirate room's door and drawer knobs with Skull Knobs.
    Or to save some budget you can draw the skull yourself! Browse for a simple picture of White Skull on the internet and use it as a model for you to draw. Use small paintbrush for this and try it on paper first before drawing on the knob. After the paint dries, cover the knobs with Clear Sealant Spray.

  • Add a Pirate Flag to the room. Here is easy steps to make one yourself:

    • Prepare black fabric with the flag size you want.

    • Browse the internet for a large picture of Skull and Crossed Swords or Skull and Bones to be used as pattern.

    • Draw the picture at the center of the fabric using White paint. Let it dry and paint another coat of the picture. Do this a couple time to get a clear White picture.

Cute black and white pirate flag

  • Still have some left over budget and empty space on the walls? Hunt for a Pirate Wall Plaque and add it to the room.

Yo, Ho, Ho! You've finished the pirate room Mate! Hope you and your family had some FUN along the process!

Off ye go, now! :)

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Pirate Wall Decor

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