Fun Princess Bedroom Decor Ideas

Hmmm, Princess Bedroom decor... It's always been girls' favorite for years!

Fulfill your girl's imagination of becoming a true princess, even only in her own room!

From walls and windows to furniture, bedding to other accessories, here are some ideas you can consider to create a nice princess theme room...


This page is about creating a general princess theme. If you're looking for ideas to create a Disney Princess Room Decor, click here instead.

Walls and Windows

First of all, before painting the walls or putting wallpaper on it, you should decide what colors you want for this theme room.

OK, I know most princess bedrooms you might have seen are in pink and there are so much pinky princess accessories you can find easily out there, but you really shouldn't limit this room with that color. There are actually so much more than pink you can use to decor a princess bedroom.

For example, you can pick Golden Yellow or Purple which is known as royalty color. Or if you dare to be different and give your girl a unique one of a kind theme room, you can actually go with any of your girl's favorite color.

It can be Blue, Green, Brown, or any other colors. We can always emphasize the theme on the murals and accessories.

Of course if your girl's favorite happens to be Pink then it'll be great to create a pink princess bedroom decor for her. Just make sure you give this theme room a special personalized touch that will differ it from probably what her other dozen of girl friends have at their home so your girl will be even more proud of it.

After deciding on the color then you can start working on the walls. Pick a soft shade of the color you've chose and paint the walls with it. Don't forget to do a proper interior painting preparation and read these painting tips before starting your project to make sure you'll get a nice result.

Wait until the paint dries and then paint some princess wall murals. Browse the internet for pictures of princess castle, horses, crown, and other princess-related ones to be used as patterns. Why painting your own kids room wall murals? To give this theme room its personalized touch of course!

If you don't have time to paint your own princess wall murals, you can easily find pre-made stickup murals that are easy to apply, even easier than applying wallpaper.

Using wallpaper is another option besides painting the walls. Princess wallpaper is easy to be found at most home improvement stores, online or offline.

If you're planning on adding stickup murals to the walls, I suggest picking a simple princess wallpaper to avoid the walls of being over crowded. Or you can pick a plain striped wallpaper with the color you want and then add a large sized princess castle mural, it'll be great!

For the door and window frames, you can either paint it with darker shade of the wall color or White. Then look for princess curtain for the windows treatment. If you can find the same fabric and pattern as the princess bedding that's going to be used for this theme room, it'll be even better.

Looking for a classic and elegant princess curtain? Pick a plain and thick Golden or Purple fabric plus a thin White fabric to be used as two layers window treatment.

Bedding and Furniture

Let's start filling up this theme room with some princess furniture...

Most people will notice the bed first when they enter a bedroom, so it's quite important to pick a nice princess bed for your girl. And good news for you, there are so many choices of princess bed out there, look patiently and you'll get one that suits this theme room perfectly.

Castle beds are great for younger girls. These castle beds are not hard to find at all, there are even furniture stores/companies offering to make a personalized one with the design and colors you want that will perfectly fit in your girl's princess bedroom.

If castle beds are not for your girl, consider a bed with castle headboard. Using castle headboard is simpler than using the whole castle bed.

Other option is to use either a brass bed or a white carved wooden bed. These kinds of bed especially suit older girls better because they're more classic than castle beds or castle headboard.

Then dress up the bed with princess bedding. You should be having no problem finding the right princess bedding for this theme room because there are so many options of colors and patterns out there.

Look for a princess bedding with small pictures of crown, castle, horses, etc. for younger girls. Or if you're decorating for an older girl, pick a more classic princess bedding for her, something Gold with small flowery motif will do great.

Match other furniture with the bed of this princess bedroom. If you're using a castle bed or a white wooden bed, then add other white wooden furniture. Adding dark wooden furniture will be better if you're using a brass bed.

Other Accessories

Here are some princess accessories ideas to complete your girl's princess bedroom decor:

  • Take a picture of your girl wearing a princess dress complete with the tiara on, frame it with a Silver or Golden metallic frame, then hang it on the wall.
    Or you can use Princess Frame for any picture you want to put in this theme room.

  • Every bedroom needs a clock. Look for a crown shaped clock for this princess bedroom!

  • Most girls who love princess theme also love to play with dolls. So get her a castle doll house to play around with.

  • Add a princess area rug to this theme room. Kids love to play on the floor, so a princess area rug is an important accessory to add. Since there are many options of princess area rug in stores, you'll certainly be able to find one with the colors, pattern, and size that suit your girl's bedroom.

  • Look for a castle table lamp or any cute and elegant princess table lamp.

  • Tiara is a great accessory for this princess bedroom decor, so get one and put it on the table or on her studying desk!

  • Instead of using a regular lamp to light up the room, you can look for a small crystal chandelier. Have a limited budget? Don't worry, a faux crystal chandelier will do great!

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