Fun Race Car Bedroom Decor Ideas

Race car bedroom is a great choice for boys theme room of any age, simply because most boys LOVE car race. This is the right theme room to create if you want it to last long enough until their teen years.

Walls and Windows

Paint the walls and ceilings with light gray or blue. Let it dry and then paint the window and door frames with light brown or white.

To add some accent, hang a black and white checkered flag banner high on the wall near the ceiling opposite the bed. You can either hang it straight horizontally or make a wavy line with it. This checkered flag banner can be found at party stores at a low price.

Dress up the windows with plain red curtains and than add a valance made of black and white checkered fabric.

If the race car bedroom has a large empty area on the wall that's not going to be covered by any furniture, draw a dark gray race track with white dashed line on it. After the paint dries, glue some small race cars toys on the track. You can also find these race cars toys for a very affordable price at party stores, they usually sell it as party favors.

Bedding and Furniture

For a younger boy, look for a Race Car Bed. There are many choices of race car beds out there that come with different styles, colors, and prices. Pick one that suits the room and your budget. Then dress it up with a Race Car Bedding set.

Race car bed doesn't suit older boys, so pick a simple classic metal bed for them. Then dress it up with white bed sheet and black comforter. Use checkered pillow shams and add Red, Yellow, and Green throw pillows.

Look for some furniture made of metal such as shelving unit or table to be added to the room. For other furniture made of wood, look for white or red ones. You can hunt for unfinished wooden furniture such as chest or dresser and spray-paint it with bright red. But remember not to use too much bright red in the room.

Add a red chair with black metal legs to this race car bedroom.

Other Accessories

Here are some accessories ideas for this race car bedroom:

  • Put two small checkered flags on the dresser or table top. Add a piece of wood as the base and make holes in it to put the flags so the flags can stand up in a crossing position.

  • If you have a younger kid you can add a race car growth chart to keep track of his height.

  • Look for a simple black and white or race car table lamp to be added to the room.

  • Put a large picture or poster of racing cars above the bed. If you would like to frame it, use a silver metallic one.

  • Does the ceiling look "empty"? You can add a race car ceiling fan as an accent.

  • There are many choices of race car rugs out there at the stores, pick one that match this race car bedroom. Other option is to pick a black and white checkered rug.

  • Every bedroom needs at least one clock, so look for a race car clock for this theme room. A Disney's Cars personalized clock with your kid's name on it will also be a great accessory.

Now your boy has a great Race Car Bedroom! :)

Feel free to add things related to race cars to this room, but remember not to make the room too crowded, leave some space for the eyes to rest.

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