Fun Jungle Safari Bedroom Decor Ideas

Jungle and Safari Bedroom is identical with colors of nature such as different shades of brown and green. So we're going to apply that as this theme room's main color.

Just a little Tip before starting, do this Jungle Safari Decor with the whole family if possible, it'll be so much FUN!

OK, let's start...

Jungle Safari Bedroom Walls

First of all, the walls. You can just paint the walls plain white if you plan to add many murals later.

For a lively bedroom, look for some peel and stick jungle or safari wall murals. You can find many of these in various sizes. Pick ones your kid love and just stick it on the walls! It's very simple and easy.

You can easily find complete packages of these peel and stick murals that include enough pieces to decor the whole room.

For a simple jungle safari walls, first paint the walls sandy yellow or khaki to create a safari bedroom or leaf green to make a jungle theme room.

After the paint dries you can add jungle or safari wallpaper border to give some accents.

Have some extra time and creativity? Don't use wallpaper border, let's paint it! Here are two simple steps to do that.

Jungle Safari Bedding and Furniture

After finishing the walls, it's time to fill up the room. Look for dark wooden furniture with simple classic design. That includes a dark wooden bed frame and headboard, studying desk, chairs, and cupboard.

For a girl room decor, top off the bed with white mosquito net. For boy's room decor, skip this step.

Dress up the bed with white bed sheet and plain tan or caramel comforter for a safari bedroom. Pick some animal print fabrics such as leopard, tiger, giraffe, or cheetah for the pillow shams. Animal print bedding set that includes animal print comforter is also great for this theme room.

For a Jungle theme room, use white bed sheet and soft green comforter. Look for Jungle themed fabrics such as Wild Flowers (for Girl Room Decor) or Leaves for the pillow shams.

Other option that suits both Jungle or Safari bedroom for younger kids is kids animal bedding set that has elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, or other wild animals on it.

Jungle Safari Bedroom Accessories

This Jungle Safari Decor is not finished until we add some accessories to it, so here are some Jungle and Safari accessories ideas to complete the room:

  • Put some medium sized wooden Animal Sculptures on the desk.

  • Teach your kid to tell time by using cute animal clocks.

  • Add a Rattan Wastebasket to the room.

  • Put some plush animals and wild animals throw pillows on the bed.

  • Hang a large picture or painting of animals in the wild or in the jungle above the bed. Use a dark wooden frame if you want to frame it.

  • Add an Animal Print Rug for this Safari Theme Room or a Green Leaf Rug for the Jungle Theme Room.

  • Look for a pot or two of small tropical plants to be put in the room. Plastic ones are also OK.

  • Put a Wooden Animal Bank on the desk or on the night stand.

  • Pick a Safari or Jungle themed Night Lamp to be added to the room.

  • Ceiling fan is also a good idea. It will give you that tropical feel.

Now you've got a great Jungle or Safari Bedroom, hope your kid likes it! :)

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