Feel Life as Spidey in This Spiderman Bedroom!

Spiderman bedroom is a great theme for kids' room because kids just LOVE superheroes and one of their favorite is Spiderman. This red and blue costumed superhero has captured many hearts for decades, we love the comics and of course the movies!

Here are some ideas to create a fun Spiderman bedroom for your little one...

Walls and Windows

First of all, the walls. Here are two wall mural ideas to decor this theme room:

  1. Spiderman on the run

    When Spidey is on the run, he shoots webbing from his wrists and uses it to swing from one building to another.

    And since Spiderman's hometown New York City is full of skyscrapers, you can paint many skyscraper murals on the walls to get the feel. Then paint Spidey swinging from one of those skyscrapers using his web. Or you can paint Spiderman wall-crawling on one of New York City landmarks such as Empire State Building.

  2. Room full of spiders

    Here is a simpler idea. Paint various sizes of cobwebs and spiders on the walls. Then paint a large Spiderman mural in a squatting position on the wall above the window or your kid's bed.

You can use pre-made stickup murals available in stores, or paint your own wall murals, or even combine both to get exactly what you want.

For example, it's easy to paint your own skyscraper murals but it's a little harder to paint a nice Spiderman mural so you can start with painting the skyscraper murals for the background and then add Spiderman stickup murals.

Dress up this theme room's windows with blue or red curtains. It'll be even better if you can find Spiderman print fabric or one with combination of red and blue.

Bedding and Furniture

Now let's pick some furniture for this Spiderman bedroom. Spiderman's costume uses combination of Red and Blue for its color, so we can use these colors for the furniture.

Here is an idea to save your budget and make unique furniture for this Spiderman room:

If you can find a store that sells unfinished furniture in your town, make a visit and pick some furniture this theme room can use. Or you can shop online, there are many online stores out there offering large selection of unfinished furniture.

Then go to a home improvement store to get some Blue, Red, and Black paints. Combine Blue and Red to paint the unfinished furniture.

For example, paint the cabinet drawers Red and the rest of the cabinet Blue. Then paint cobwebs using the Black paint. You can also paint Red cobwebs on the Blue area of the cabinet. Create your own unique design with your kid, it'll be fun!

To dress up the bed, combine Red and Blue fabrics if you can't find a Spiderman bedding. You can use Red bed skirt and combine it with Blue comforter or vice versa.

Other Accessories

It's time to add some finishing touch to this Spiderman bedroom, let's accessorize!

Here are some FUN Spiderman bedroom accessories ideas:

  • Get some various size of fake spiders and attach it to the ceiling using White or Black string to make it look like they're using their webs to come down to the floor. You can also double-tape some spiders to the wall.

  • Hang a Spiderman mask on the wall. You can get this at most party supplies stores at a very low price.

  • Put a large Spiderman poster above your kid's bed or at any empty wall space available.

  • If there's enough space in this theme room, put a black bean bag chair and add some blue and red throw pillows.

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