Fun SpongeBob Bedroom Decor Ideas

Creating SpongeBob bedroom for your little one? We have some fun ideas to do that!

Since the setting of this cartoon is underwater, we can mix SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr.Krabs, and other characters with fish, corals, and other sea creatures.

SpongeBob Wall Decor

We can combine under the sea theme and SpongeBob characters to create a fun SpongeBob wall decor. And it's really easy to make a great one!

Here is how:

  1. Paint the walls Sea Blue.

  2. Get some peel & stick under the sea and SpongeBob wall stickers. (Both SpongeBob and under the sea are popular bedroom themes, so you'll have no trouble finding these)

  1. Start peeling & sticking those stickers to your wall.

That's it, just three simple steps!

Or, if you don't want to decorate the whole wall, you can forget those sticker murals and simply use SpongeBob bedroom wallpaper border instead.

SpongeBob Bedding and Furniture

Now we need to fill this theme room.

For the furniture, you can use white ones. Or if you'd like themed furniture, hunt for under the sea or sea creature themed ones.

To dress up the bed, of course we need SpongeBob bedding! :)

If you can find a SpongeBob bedding set that comes with the curtain, it'll be great! But if you can't, simply use fish or sea creatures curtain for this SpongeBob room decor.

SpongeBob Bedroom Accessories

Here are some ideas to finish your SpongeBob room decor:

  • SpongeBob toys are not just fun to play around with, they also make great accessories for this theme room!
    Install some nice wall shelves and put some of your kid's SpongeBob toys collection or other SpongeBob merchandise there. This will look nice especially if you have plenty empty space on the wall.

  • SpongeBob plush is great for your kid's sleep companion. Get one (or more) of this and put it on the bed.

  • Every room can use a clock, so look for a SpongeBob clock for this theme room. This can also be a great tool to teach your kid to tell time. Kids will surely learn faster with characters they love.

  • A small aquarium with small colorful fishes is going to look great in this SpongeBob bedroom. You can put some SpongeBob aquarium decorations in it too!

  • Kids love to play on the floor, so look for a SpongeBob area rug for this theme room.

  • Here is another fun idea:

    Cover the whole floor with Khaki-colored carpet or rug to make it looks like sandy sea floor. Then put lots of rocks and sea shells around your floor's perimeter.
    Now your kid will really feel like living under the sea!

    PS: Don't do this for toddler's room. They might pick and swallow the rocks and sea shells or step on it and hurt themselves.

  • Poster is an easy way to decorate a room. You can put SpongeBob posters above the bed.

  • Replace all the furniture's knobs with sea creatures knobs.

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