Looking For Fun Sports Bedroom Ideas?

Picking sports as a bedroom theme for your boy is a safe choice, because most boys love sports. Some boys are crazy about baseball, some are more into basketball, and some are more interested in softball, football, soccer, swimming, or other sports.

If your boy's favorite is baseball you can consider creating a baseball bedroom for him, if it's basketball then you can pick basketball for his room decor theme. This goes on with any sport he likes.

Now if your boy is a fan of many sports or if he plays various sports at school or with his friends, then it might be best to design a general sports theme for the bedroom. Include elements of different sports he plays and tie it up with a color theme for example to make it all come together.

Sports Bedroom Wall Decor

Paint the walls with his favorite color's soft shade.

Why soft shades?

So it won't distract people's attention when entering this sports bedroom. Using soft shades for the walls will highlight any wall decor such as wall borders or wall murals, it will also make the room looks brighter.

After the paint dries, you can start decorating the walls.

If you don't have much time to work on this room then look for sports wallpaper border. Sports is a very popular theme so there are many wallpaper border options you can find in stores, you shouldn't be having any trouble finding the right one for your boy's theme room.

If you can allocate a bit more of your time, you can make this bedroom even more unique by painting your own kids room wall murals. It's not as hard as you might think, actually it's quite fun! You can browse online for some sports pictures and use it as patterns to draw the sports murals.

For example, if your boy loves baseball and basketball then combine pictures of baseball bats, caps, and balls with basketball ring, jerseys, and balls. You can add as many sports as you like, but remember to keep it within the sports he plays or likes and also remember not to make the wall looks over-crowded.

Sometimes people enjoy themselves too much in this process and just keep doing it until the whole wall's surface is covered by murals. Then after a while (especially after putting all the furniture in) they feel that the room started to look like a mess, there's no place for the eyes to rest. So it's important to know when enough is enough. Ask other family members for second opinion on this.

Sports Bedding and Furniture

Finished the walls? OK, let's put some stuff in, shall we...

For younger kids you can pick bright or pastel colored furniture that match this theme room's wall color.

There are many stores out there offering sports furniture for kids, many comes with bright colors that will make this bedroom looks lively.

You can also consider using plain furniture and then add some sports theme stickers on it. Changing the drawers' knobs with sports theme knobs will also be great.

Pick furniture designed with simplicity style and neutral colors (such as light shade of wooden color) if you have older kids and want this bedroom to last until his teen years.

Look for sports bedding set to dress up the bed. You can find various colors and prints of sports bedding in stores, so pick one with the print your boy loves and match this theme room's wall color.

If you want it to look simple (especially if you're decorating for older boys), you can use plain bed sheets and pillow shams then add a sports comforter. Or you can do it the other way around, look for sports theme pillow shams and use plain comforter.

It will be great if you can find the same fabric or print as the bedding for the curtains. If a sports curtain with the same print is not available, you can buy an extra bed sheet with that print and use it as this bedroom's curtain.

Sports Bedroom Accessories

Now it's time to add some accessories to this sports bedroom. There are many things can be added to this theme room, from rugs to lamps, wall hangings to posters, all you have to do is pick items with sports as its theme.

Here are some cool and fun accessories ideas:

  • Look for his favorite sport's bean bag chair.

  • Put a large hamper at a corner. Use it to store his sports equipments such as balls, bats, etc.

  • Kids love to play with toys. To make their bedroom neat you'll need a toy box to store all his toys. Look for a sports toy box that can also be used as a chair or bench, it'll be a nice accessory for this bedroom.

  • Area rug is a common accessory for every bedroom, especially for kids because they love to play on the floor. Look for his favorite sport's rug or a general one.

  • Add a sports ceiling fan to this sports bedroom.

  • Hang a sports door plaque with his name on it.

  • Put a sports bank on the table and teach your kid to save money from early age.

  • There are many options of sports lamp for kids in stores. You can add a sports themed table lamp or wall sconce to this theme room.

  • Sports clock is also a great accessory, add this to his bedroom.

  • Does the room still looks "empty"?
    If it's a quite big bedroom and there are still lots of empty spaces in it, consider adding a display rack. Fill this display rack with sports items or collectibles such as your boy's favorite sports person figures, framed pictures of his favorite sports team, etc.
    You can also put your boy's pictures when playing sports and other sports items he have such as baseball bat, soccer balls, basketball balls, etc.

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