Host an Inter Galactic War
in Your Star Wars Bedroom

Star Wars bedroom is an exciting theme room for kids. From The Phantom Menace to Return of The Jedi, many kids (and adults) are crazy over this saga.

People love to collect the action figures, games, toys, and other items not just to be played, but also to be used as Star Wars decor in their rooms.

If your kids (and probably yourself) are true Star Wars fans, why stop at just collecting the items? Turn his/her bedroom into a Star Wars room and display your Star Wars collection in it, it'll be so much fun!

Now here are some ideas you can try, from creating your own Star Wars wall decor to matching the furniture, bedding, and curtain. There are also some accessories ideas for this Star Wars bedroom.


Star Wars Wall Decor

Let's start your Star Wars decor from the walls and ceiling.

Paint your ceiling dark blue or navy. Let it dry and then paint lots of small stars using white, silver, and gold paints. You can also add some planets, comets, and other space items.

After finishing the ceiling, now we're going to do basically the same thing with the walls. Then you can add some Star Wars space ships and Star Wars characters mural.

Since the characters are not that easy to paint by yourself (unless you're an artist, of course), you can simply apply Star Wars wall stickers or pre-made Star Wars mural. You'll get great result in no time!

If you don't want to paint the walls yourself, you can look for outer space wallpaper and then add Star Wars wallpaper border. It's perfect for this theme and you'll save much time.

Add some various-sized glow in the dark stars and planets to accompany your kid's bed time. You can also use glow in the dark paint to draw Star Wars light sabers.

Star Wars Bedding, Curtain, and Furniture

After finishing your Star Wars wall decor, now it's time to fill this theme room with furniture.

You can re-paint old furniture with grey or silver, it'll be great for this Star Wars decor. Use couple layers of spray paint to get a nice result.

Star Wars is so popular that you can easily find Star Wars bedding, Star Wars character sheets, and Star Wars comforter in stores. Pick one to dress up the bed.

Or as an alternative, you can also use outer space bedding. Match it with dark blue outer space curtain.

Star Wars Bedroom Accessories

Here are some Star Wars bedroom accessories ideas:

  • Kids enjoy playing with light sabers, they imagine themselves as Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, or other Star Wars characters. These light sabers can be nice decor accessories when not being played.

    Create a simple holder to put two sabers on a crossed position on the wall. It can also be a nice night light for this theme room.

  • An outer space night light is a great alternative.

  • Who's your kid's favorite Star Wars character? Put a life-size cardboard cutout of that character in this theme room!

  • Star Wars action figures are nice for collection and decoration. Provide a display rack or wall rack to put your kid's collection.

  • Star Wars poster is definitely a must! Put a huge one or some medium-sized ones above the bed.

  • Every bedroom needs a clock. Look for Star Wars clock for this one. An outer space clock also works nicely for this Star Wars decor.

  • Hang a solar system model from the ceiling.

  • It's never too early or too late to teach your kids to save money. If you haven't do so, start right now. Motivate your kid by providing a Star Wars bank in his/her bedroom.

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Star Wars Bedroom Accessories

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