Looking for Cool Surf Decor Ideas?

Does your kid love surfing? Planning to do a surf decor for his/her bedroom?

Surfing bedroom decor is a cool theme for kids and teens. Here we have some fun ideas to create this theme for your kid. You can also combine this with some ideas for a beach themed bedroom.

Surfing Wall Decor

For a simple surfing wall decor, apply blue wallpaper for your wall's upper area, and vertical-striped white wallpaper for the lower. Then add beach or surf themed wallpaper border.

Or if you don't want to use wallpaper, you can try painting your own murals. Here are some ideas you can try:

Let's start your project from the ceiling. Create a bright sunny day by painting your ceiling sky blue, then add some white clouds using damp sponge and white paint.

For the walls, first make a line on the height of ±1.1 meters from the floor. Paint the upper area white and the lower blue. Let it dry.

Then paint curly wave right above the line using the same blue paint you use for your lower wall. Above this "wave border", you can line up beach and surf icons such as surfboards, sailing boat, palm tree, colorful beach ball, etc.

To personalize this surf decor, you can slip your kid's name in between those beach and surf icons. Your surfing wall decor might look something like this:

Surfing Wall Decor Example

You can fill in the white space later by hanging some wall arts, wall rack, your kid's name tile, or his/her framed picture.

If you want to, you can finish up your wall decor by painting a large shining sun somewhere near the ceiling.

Surf Furniture, Bedding, and Curtain

After finishing the walls and ceiling, it's time to fill this theme room with some furniture.

White furniture works very well with this surf decor. You can pick ones with simple line design. Or if you want some color for the furniture, pick light brown or pastel blue.

Then look for a nice surfing bedding to dress up the bed. Or you can simply look for Hibiscus flower print fabric and make your own matching bedding and curtain.

Other option for the curtain is blue and white wide vertical-striped one.

Surf Decor Accessories

Here are some surf decor accessories ideas to complete your surfing bedroom:

  • You can find lots of surfing posters or wall arts in stores. Pick one (or some) and display it above your kid's bed.

  • Prepare a spot to display/stand your kid's surfboard if s/he surf. Even if not, real surfboard is one of the best accessory you can get for this theme. So stand one or even some at a corner of this bedroom.

  • Look for a surfboard shaped wall clock.

  • There are also many choices of surf rug out there, some are even shaped like surfboards! Get one for this surfing bedroom!

  • If you're decorating for a younger kid, teach him/her to save money from early age by providing a surf themed bank. If you can't find a surfboard shaped bank, you can get any beach themed one. For example, you can get one with Hibiscus flower print on it.

  • Hunt for more surf bedroom decor accessories such as surf themed wall peg and bookends.

  • Other beach related items are also great for this surf decor. For example, you can add a beach house table lamp or put a nice colorful plastic beach ball in this room.

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