Sweet and Cute Teddy Bear Decor Ideas
For Your Kid's Bedroom

Many kids and teens love to have teddy bear decor for their bedroom. With more than a century old of history, teddy bear has won the hearts of people from all ages.

You can combine this theme with other theme your kid love, for example you can create a baseball teddy bear room for your boy by mixing some teddy bear accessories with baseball items.

Or maybe if your girl wants a ballerina teddy bear decor then you can add teddy bears dressed in tutus for her bedroom.

Now here are some general teddy bear decor ideas to get you started.

Teddy Bear Wall Decor

First thing to do is to work the walls.

Planning on using wallpaper? Pick large vertical striped wallpaper with pastel colors such as blue and white or light brown and yellow. If you're decorating for a girl, small flowery one is also great. Then combine it with teddy bear wallpaper border.

If you're full of creative energy and have more time to spend, it'll be great to create a personalized teddy bear wall decor by painting it yourself.

Here is an idea to create your own walls.

First, make your own wall border by drawing a straight horizontal line on this bedroom's walls, then paint lower area of the walls Pastel Brown and paint the upper area Pastel Blue for a boy's bedroom or Pastel Pink for a girl's.

You can apply teddy bear wallpaper border to cover the line where those two colors meet. Or you can even design and draw your own border by painting your own small teddy bear murals in a line, just browse the internet for cute teddy bear pictures to be used as patterns.

It will also be nice to include your kid's name on the border you paint. It's easy to do this, you can print letters from your word processor for the pattern, or you can look for ready to use alphabet stencils available in home decorating stores.

Paint large-sized teddy bear murals with wooden brown log house on the wall above the spot where you're going to put the bed. You can decor other empty upper area of the walls with trees, wild flowers, bushes, and small river murals.

Paint the window frames dark brown.

Teddy Bear Decor - Furniture and Bedding

After finishing the walls, we can start filling this bedroom with furniture.

You can either pick neutral colors such as brown or white for the furniture, or you can match it with this theme room's walls. For example if the walls are painted blue, you can look for different shades of blue for the furniture.

Although teddy bear furniture will look great for this project, but within a couple years your kid might get bored of this theme and want to adopt another one, so it's better to use smaller and less expensive items to emphasize the theme.

Look for cute teddy bear print fabric to be used as this room's bedding and curtains.

Remember that bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom, so make sure you pick a nice print your kid loves.

Here is an idea to add some accessories to the curtains:

Get some mini plush teddy bears and use small diaper pins to attach it to the curtains. If you have younger kids, remember not to attach these teddies too low so your kids won't be able to pull it and create damage to the curtain.

Other Teddy Bear Decor Accessories

With all the walls done and furniture in, this bedroom is ready to be slept in. But there are not enough teddies yet to call this project done.

Now here are some accessories ideas as a finishing touch for your kid's teddy bear decor:

  • Have you ever seen one of those cute personalized teddy bears? Order one with your kid's name on it and put it on his/her bed, desk, or wall rack.

  • Use teddy bear light switch cover.

  • Are you decorating for your school-aged kid? If so, get your kid a pair of teddy bear bookends to organize his/her books.

  • Use teddy bear frame for any picture in this room.

  • Look for a teddy bear night light and put it beside the bed.

  • Teach your little one to save money by providing a cute teddy bear bank.

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