Fun Train Decor Ideas
for Your Boy's Train Bedroom

Got a train lover in the house? Looking for train decor ideas for your kid's bedroom?

Many young boys develop their interest on trains after watching Thomas the Tank Engine.

Is your boy one of them?
You can decor your boy's bedroom around Thomas and Friends theme or you can do a general train theme for him.

Here are some ideas to decor your boy's train bedroom... Have some fun!

Walls and Windows

Start your train decor project by working on the bedroom's ceiling, walls, and window frames. It's best to do this when the room is still empty.

After doing a proper interior painting preparation, cover the ceiling with Sky Blue paint. Wait for the paint to dry, then use damp sponge and White paint to make some clouds.

For the walls (and window frames), paint Pastel Green curves that resemble countryside hills, then use same paint to cover all lower area of the walls. Use the same color as the one you use for the ceiling to paint the upper area of the walls.

After the paint dries, you can add a large train mural or some small ones. If you kid is a fan of Thomas the train, you can paint murals of Thomas and his friends. Don't forget to paint the railway and add some railroad crossing signs.

If you want to save time or if your artistic side is feeling a bit shy at the moment, you can use pre-made stickup murals to create your train wall decor. These murals are easy to apply, but you should prepare extra budget for it.

If you have time, I recommend trying to paint your own murals to create your own unique train decor. It's really not a hard thing to do as long as you pick simple line pictures to be used as patterns. It will save you some budget and it'll be a fun activity, you can even do this together with your whole family!

Look for bold colored train curtain to dress up the windows. Remember to pick colors that suit this theme room's walls. It's a good idea to buy train curtain that comes with a bedding set or use the same fabric as the bedding to make your curtain. But don't worry if you can't find one, a plain Green or Blue curtain will also be great.

Bedding and Furniture

After finishing your walls and windows, let's continue doing this train decor by filling up the room.

The centerpiece of a bedroom is naturally the bed.

If you have a big budget, you can look for Thomas the train bed or a regular train bed. But considering that your kid will outgrow this train bedroom in a couple years, you might not want to spend that much on the bed.

For a more affordable train bed, you can use any bed you already have, then create your own train headboard using plywood. Look for a simple picture of train, resize it to the size you want, and use it as a pattern.

Dress up the bed with either Thomas the train bedding or any boy's train bedding set.

Other option is to use plain white or pastel colored bed skirt and then combine it with a train comforter or plain bold colored comforter such as Red or Blue. Look for bold colored pillow shams and some train throw pillows for this bed's finishing touch.

Add other metal furniture to fill this train bedroom, or add any furniture that matches this theme room's wall colors.

Other Accessories

Here are some accessories ideas to complete your train decor:

  • If this train bedroom has a coat rack, put a conductor's hat on top of it.

  • Add a flashing railroad crossing signal lamp to this room. You can find this at party stores for a low price.

  • Teach your kid to save money from early age by putting a train bank in his bedroom.

  • Mount a personalized name train that spells your kid's name to the wall. This can be an educative media for your young boy to start learning alphabets.

  • Is there still plenty of empty space in this train bedroom? If so, you can consider adding a display rack. Fill it with collectible items like model trains for older boys, or fill it with train toys such as Thomas the Tank characters for younger kids.

  • Get a plain based table lamp and some small train toys, then hot glue the trains to the table lamp's base. This will be a nice accessory for your boy's train decor.

  • Look for a train wall clock or alarm clock.

  • If there's still enough room, you can install a train set for your boy to play around. A train set is not always expensive, hunt for one that suits your budget.

  • There are many train rugs available in stores, pick one with your boy's favorite color.

  • Make your own personalized train door hanging. Browse for some train pictures, then use your word processor to write "[YOUR BOY'S NAME]'S ROOM" in the middle and arrange the train pictures to form a frame around the words. Print it on a piece of art paper and then glue it to a thin board or a corkboard. Make holes at the top left and right corners, then tie a blue ribbon to hang it on this train bedroom's door.

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