Fun Tropical Bedroom Decor Ideas

Let your kid experience summer all year round by creating a tropical bedroom decor... No matter how freezing it is out there, you'll feel warm once you enter this theme room.

It's not hard to find tropical themed stuffs in any home improvement store, from beddings and furniture to lamps and other accessories, you'll have a wide range of choices! So this is one simple theme room that can fit your budget easily.

Here are some ideas to consider...

Walls and Windows

Combine cool colors with warm and neutral ones for this tropical bedroom decor.

Paint the ceiling blue and use sponge to make White clouds. Then paint the walls Soft Blue or Green. Continue with painting the window and door frames White.

Want this theme room to look more attractive and fascinating? Here is an idea...
Paint a large beach wall mural with palm trees to cover one whole side of the wall, preferably the side that's not going to be covered by lots of big furniture. Then paint other sides of the wall White to highlight the mural.

Look for Natural or Brown Bamboo Blinds to dress up the window or pick Bamboo motif fabric to be used as curtain. This kind of window treatment is classic and will grow with your kids.

Other option for younger kid is Tropical Fruits or Tropical Fish curtain which will make this tropical bedroom look more lively, but you might consider replacing it with a more classic one as your kid grow up.

Bedding and Furniture

Now it's time to fill up this theme room with some tropical bedroom furniture...

You can consider adding a tropical canopy bed, especially if the room is big. Since tropical canopy bed usually comes with Queen or King Size, adding this to a small room is not suggested because it'll make the room look crowded.

If you decide to use a tropical canopy bed for this theme room, look for one made of Bamboo, it will suit the bedroom perfectly. Add white mosquito net for the bed's "ceiling" if you're decorating for your girl.

Dress up the bed with kids tropical bedding you can easily find at home improvement stores. Tropical fruits and fish bedding sets suit younger kids better, tropical trees and flowers such as Bamboo and Orchid is more neutral and suit both younger and older kids.

Other more neutral option is to dress up the bed with striped or squared bedding set with combination of some bright colors such as Yellow, Purple, Orange, Peach, and Green.

To make the room looks brighter, add other White tropical bedroom furniture such as night stand, studying desk, table, cabinet, etc. Pick brown wooden furniture instead to make the room looks more classical.

Bamboo table and Rattan chair will also make a great addition to this theme room.

Other Accessories

Picking the right accessories can emphasize this bedroom's theme, so here are some accessories ideas for this tropical bedroom:

  • Hunt for a Tropical Fish Aquarium Motion Night Lamp, it'll be a perfect addition for the bedroom.
    Looking for other option? Simple Rattan Night Lamp will also be great.

  • Add some bright and colorful throw pillows to the bed and chair.

  • Looking for the right rug? Bamboo rugs it is! These Bamboo Rugs nowadays come with much more different patterns and colors than you can imagine, so browse online to get more choices and pick one that suits your tropical bedroom decor.

    But be careful when buying this, make sure that the quality is good, no sharp edges, sharp strings, or rough surfaces that can hurt your kid. If you're going to shop online, look for stores that provide 100% money back guarantee.

  • Find the perfect spot to put a small potted plant in the room.

  • A Tropical Ceiling Fan will make a great accessory for this theme room. You can easily find this at home improvement stores.

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Tropical Bedroom Decor Accessories

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