Bright Winnie the Pooh Decor Ideas

Winnie the Pooh decor is a joyful theme for toddler's and girls' room. With Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and Pooh, this will be a fun and bright bedroom.

Winnie the Pooh Wall Decor

Ready to decor the walls?

Here is a simple and easy idea. Paint wall border on your walls with soft green for the lower area and sky blue for the upper area and the ceiling. Then apply Pooh wall border on the line where those two colors meet.

Or you can use Winnie the Pooh wallpaper instead of just wall border. Combine vertical striped wallpaper for the lower area and Winnie the Pooh wallpaper for the upper, cover the meeting line with white border.

Want to do more? Paint your own Winnie the Pooh wall mural!

Winnie the Pooh and his friends love to play outdoors. You can bring this outdoor excitement into your kid's Winnie the Pooh decor.

First, paint the ceiling sky blue and add some white clouds using damp sponge. Also paint the walls sky blue for the background, then paint green grassed hills on the lower area of your walls. Don't forget a large tree for Pooh to look for honey! Pick a corner that's not going to be covered by furniture to paint this tree.

After finishing the outdoor view, you can add large Winnie the Pooh and friends murals. An easy way to do this is by using Winnie the Pooh wall stencils. Hunt for large sized wall stencils of Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. Don't forget to add Pooh's hunny jar.

Or here is an easier alternative: You can use Winnie the Pooh peel and stick murals. These wall stickers are beautiful, not expensive, and very easy to use! You'll have a great theme room in no time.

Winnie the Pooh Bedding, Curtain, and Furniture

Now let's fill this theme room, shall we...

For an extra bright bedroom, pick yellow furniture. Yellow is a great color for kids and combination of yellow with other color such as lime green is great for this Winnie the Pooh decor. Other options for the furniture are soft blue or light brown.

Dress up the bed with colorful Winnie the Pooh bedding set. Or you can look for Winnie the Pooh fabric, then use it for a matching bedding and curtains.

Winnie the Pooh Decor Accessories

Here are some ideas to accessorize your Winnie the Pooh decor:

  • Get a plastic jar, paint the inner surface yellow and the outer blue. Wait until the paint dries then add the word "HUNNY" using dark blue paint. Also paint some yellow honey drops from the jar's mouth to the outer surface of the jar. Now you have Pooh's hunny jar!

  • Are you decorating a baby bedroom? If so, add Winnie the Pooh and friends musical mobile on your baby's bed.

  • Look for some Winnie the Pooh posters, frame it and hang it on the wall above your kid's bed.

  • Frame your kid's pictures with Pooh frames. It'll be even cuter if your kid is wearing a Pooh costume in the picture!

  • Put a Winnie the Pooh table lamp on this bedroom's night stand. Or you can hot-glue small Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and Winnie the Pooh figurines on the base of a yellow table lamp to create your own unique Winnie the Pooh decor.

  • If your kid loves to collect Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Winnie the Pooh figurines and toys, provide a display rack to put it. It'll look great and it's so much better than just putting it in a toy box.

  • Green area rug will be great for this Winnie the Pooh room decor.

  • Hang a Winnie the Pooh name plate on the door.

  • Keep the room clean, add a Pooh trash can.

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