Try a Zen Bedroom
to Keep Your Kid Relaxed & Comfortable

Even though Zen bedroom is more popular among adults, it's also a great theme for your kids.

After one whole day full of activities at school, your kid can come home to a relaxing room and recharge his/her energy for tomorrow.

The key to a Zen bedroom is minimalist, simple, and clean. Now we all know that a kid's room is hardly all that, kids love to put their toys and stuff everywhere around. So to get this theme room well organized, we'll need a large storage. Make sure you provide large enough armoire or storage bench (or both) for your kid to put all those stuff in.

Zen decor emphasize on harmony, so everything you put in this theme room should go along well with each other. In order to do this we can use one color scheme and build the entire bedroom around it.

Best colors to use are neutral warm colors. Remember that simplicity is very important to a Zen bedroom, so it's best to pick just one color and use different shades of it for everything in this theme room.

Avoid painting the walls White or Blue or other cool colors. Khaki (yellowish brown) is a nice color for the walls and you can easily find many matching natural colored wooden items in stores.

A Zen design also emphasize on the use of natural materials, for example you can pick wood base Zen furniture and put a small pot of bamboo plant for decoration. To add accent to this theme room you can use Red or Green items, but remember not to add too much of these accents if you don't want to create clutter.

Remember to pick simple line furniture for your kid's Zen decor. Always avoid complicated design or full of ornaments items for this theme room. A platform bed will look great in this Zen bedroom.

Dress up your kid's bed with plain bedding and pillow shams, then pick a plain window treatment.

Afraid that this Zen bedroom is going to look boring?

Even though for a Zen decor less is more, but it will get boring if you use the exact same color for everything. So you should play with different shades of this bedroom's main color, you can also pick rich textured fabrics with the design embossed in the same color. Using one or two plain warm colored pillow sham can also give accent to the room without creating a clutter, just remember not to add too much of these accents.

Your kid can't keep his/her room clean and store his/her toys (and other stuff) back where it belongs after playing?

Don't worry, here's a simple trick to keep the Zen of this bedroom.

Pick a corner as your kid's playground and put a Zen area rug there. Then use a shoji screen to divide this area from the rest of the room. Pick shoji screen with bamboo prints or other nature prints. When this area is not messy you can put aside the shoji screen to make the room looks bigger and put it back when you don't have time to clean up this area.

The main purpose of creating this Zen bedroom is to give your kid a comfortable and relaxing area to rest (and play), so discuss the Zen decor plan with your kid before starting this project. Be creative to put things your kid wants into this theme room without creating clutter.

As long as there is harmony and your kid feels comfortable, you have Zen. Have fun!

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